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1. Overview and features: DMO Advanced Launcher supports ADMO (Aeria), GDMO (Joymax), KDMO (www.digimonmasters.com and IMBC) servers. But not all features are supported for all servers. For example, Digimon Rotation and Community page not available for ADMO. Let's make "marks" to define support features for a each server: [A] - supported for Aeria mode; [G] - supported for Joymax mode; [K] - supported for Korean mode (both www.digimonmasters.com and IMBC); [S] - supported for any mode. Main features: ● [G|K] Rotation of top Digimons of your guild ● [G|K] Stay Up-to-Date! Getting information about any guild (ranking, reputation, list of tamers, digimons, etc) ● [A|G] Joymax news ● [S] Twitter statuses loaded by Twitter API 1.1 JSON user timeline ● [S] Checking and installing game updates (beta)* ● [S] Screenshot gallery ● [S] Let the game meets. Possibility of change some game resources like login background, dialogs, etc. ● [S] Launching game through AppLocale (fixing codepage troubles like bad cyrillic at guild chat) ● [S] Profile system. You can make many profiles for every server/account/etc. * Update feature on the BETA stage and it is DISABLED by default. I'm still not sure that I did everything absolutely correctly. Use that at your own risk. With disabled option checking updates still works, but will be used default launcher for updating. 2. System requiremets: ● Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1+) / 7 / 8 ● Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 3. Installing: 1. Download and install the latest version of launcher: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gdmolauncher/ 2. If you have Windows XP and want use AppLocale, you MUST install East Asian Language support (http://www.voom.net/install-files-for-east-asian-languages-windows-xp), then turn on the AppLocale in options of launcher. 4. Help with Translations: We'll glad to getting help in the translation of the launcher into other languages. Look at the folder "Languages" of root launcher's folder. Use "Template_for_translation.txt" as template. Also you can correct my English translation. I know that current is bad xD Please send an email with new translations. All translations I will add to Translations page and include into installer in future. 5. Known issues: Community page and DigiRotation uses information of game website. Not all digimons are provided at ranking or tamer's information pages (especially at Joymax). So not all digimons provided at our launcher. In additional, launcher can read only ONE digimon of ONE type from website. So if you have two Impmons then only ONE will be added to database of launcher. 6. Change log: Version 2.2.4981.21424 (2.2a): - Fixed crash on Windows XP - Simple Crash Reporting Version 2.2.4979.26042 (2.2a): Common: - New "All in one" profile system - New Settings/About interface - Improvements in almost any module DigiRotation: - Added feature to disable DigiRotation just by typing empty guild name - Added feature to show Digimons of specific Tamer Account authentication: - Account data can be stored in profile (optional, password will be encrypted) - Fixed Aeria authentication Update engine: - New algorithm. It must be a more stable. - Fixed critical bug in filemap structure. If you played Aeria with enabled update engine, please install a fresh copy of Aeria client. Version 2.1.4949.39110 (2.1c): - Fixed "About" popup-window Version 2.1.4939.24588 (2.1c): - Fixed crash in customization caused by unknown file path (resource file with only known ID) Version 2.1.4913.29344 (2.1b): Common: - Fixed: "Last session" was available for Aeria - Updated pack of icons (new Tamers & Digimons) Twitter fix: - Fixed Twitter user timeline (now use Twitter API v1.1) - Easy reading timelines of any user is no longer supported (Twitter API 1.1 requires OAuth authentification) - Setting "Twitter username" was replaced with URL to the generated Twitter's JSON (statuses/user_timeline) Version 2.1.4854.39550 (2.1a): - Fixed SQLite initialization error - Fixed DPI of some icons (DigiRotation) - Some improvements of update engine - Twitter: #HashTags and @UserNames are clickable now - Polish translation added (thanks Czip) - Minor fixes and improvements Version 2.1.4809.30639: - Added ADMO, KDMO (original and IMBC) support - Added profile system
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