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Download GAwxM.zip to the C drive and select 'Extract All...' to get both the wxMaxima executable and the folder structure GAwxM on the C drive as C:/GAwxM/... There needs to be a working version of wxMaxima on the Windows machine. The stable GAwxM code was developed under wxMaxima version 5.27.0 and that version should be installed. In wxMaxima the 'programs' include both text (documentation) and code so they are referred to as documents. The tutorial document named C:/GAwxM/wxM_tutorial.wxm is a "how to get started" introduction to wxMaxima. The main test document is C:/GAwxM/GA_syntax/left_inner.wxm and code for a particular test can be copied from a text box to an input box to be run. The document named C:/GAwxM/GA_syntax/left_inner_all_tests.wxm quickly runs all the tests in sequence. The GAwxM Wiki page refers to the syntax for both blade and multivector operators within GAwxM and C:/GAwxM/GA_syntax/blade_operator_syntax.wxm gives many examples of the level precedence aspect of the blade operators. Folder C:/GAwxM/Working_code/ contains active documents (software) used to develop some of the more complex operator functions and may be used to improve the code. There is a folder for examples taken from a reference book...Linear and Geometric Algebra (LAGA) and also a folder for examples from...Vector and Geometric Calculus (VAGC).
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