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================================================================== README for sourceforge galacticmilieu project files directory ================================================================== OTclient.fedora15.64bit.bin.tgz is a binary release for 64-bit Fedora 15 It just contains /usr/local/bin/ot* /usr/local/lib/ot /usr/local/share/ot /usr/local/bin/ot_j is just a sh or bash script that does a cd to /usr/local/lib/ot then echo -n > ~/.ot/log-client.log then java -jar MoneyChanger.jar /usr/local/share/ot is the stuff from digitalis-assets.tgz ------------------------------------------------------------------ The .otc files are Open Transactions Contract files. Most of them - the currency contracts - have been moved into digitalis-assets.tgz DigilisOTserver.otc is the signed contract of Digitalis Data Services' (MarkM's; Mark Metson's) Open Transactions server. Using the smartcontracts branch so as to have all the "whitespace fixes" in the latest client and server, its ID is computed to be wmY1B8o94PFENzqPVK6wLOLvkog9TvA3GDxZuAMGCpW which is now therefore the correct filename that the fixed OT should assign to it internally when it imports it correctly. ------------------------------------------------------------------ dot-ot-clean-client.tgz and dot-ot-empty.client.tgz are sample/example "empty" and "clean" ~/.ot dorectories. Both are already included in digitalis-assets.tgz Empty contains only the default server to connect to (my server). Clean has most of the currency contracts already imported, just for convenience of having to import them all yourself. NO NYMS. No default account. COMMANDLINE CLIENT WILL CHOKE ON IT. The commandline client needs fixing so it won't die when it sees no default account listed in its config, I know it dies of that. I seem to recall it also dies if it cannot find its default nym. So this sample/example is mostly an example of what should not cause the commandline client to die, as evidenced by the fact the java client is able to handle it gracefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Groupcoin is the precursor to devcoin, in which we tested some ideas to fall back on in case we could not do what we wanted devcoin to do. Devcoin was described at https://github.com/Unthinkingbit/charity/wiki/Devcoin-Description but the description has apparently since been moved to http://www.devtome.org/wiki/index.php?title=Devcoin ==================================================================
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