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GENERAL ------- G4DUDE is just a GUI for the great avrdude programme (http://www.nongnu.org/avrdude/). FEATURES -------- -) fuses read/write and info -) chip flash & eeprom data read/write -) erase chip INSTALL & USE ------------- FROM SOURCE: ============ Not need installation, only unzip to a folder and run with 'python G4DUDE.py' command from the folder. NOTE: The relases don't include the avrdude binary, please download it. Requirements: python2.6 or newer (www.python.org) pyGTK 2.xx (www.pygtk.org) FROM binary (linux): ==================== Just unzip and run from folder the g4dude executable. FROM binary (win): ================== Install msi package and run g4dude.exe from the installation folder.
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