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SHA256(fugu-0.9.4.dmg.gz)= 0e4ec2263eca9bee94169c7029ee0aa39e915595034651e2e7cd77105d9dcc4c
RIPEMD160(fugu-0.9.4.dmg.gz)= 143a0ce3b19ff8bc1e02c4ead5e764ba1ed2c0cf
SHA1(fugu-0.9.4.dmg.gz)= 0f0311c23eecc77775a70eb23810cc071b5ec51d
MD5(fugu-0.9.4.dmg.gz)= 7c89fe0e3fb7d92c807e0ea29eb89324


  • Keychain support.
  • Support for connections to Windows machines running VShell.
  • German localization by Thomas Fuchs.
  • Basic type-ahead find implementation.
  • Fix for hang occurring when Fugu encounters filenames containing characters that do not conform to UTF-8. (Recognizing and properly handling all character sets is in progress.)
  • Fix for problem in which Fugu would upload a file to the current remote directory instead of the folder on which it was dropped.
  • Fix for incorrect permission check box settings.
  • Support, in a way, for the ~ shortcut in the Go To sheet when moving to another remote directory. (OpenSSH's sftp client does not expand ~ in paths.)
  • Local filenames are displayed using -displayNameAtPath:
  • File listings are properly reloaded following a successfuly secure copy.
  • Redesigned connection interface, relying less on sheets.
  • Only one trash can in toolbar.
  • Keyboard shortcuts allowing user to shift focus from one pane to another.
  • Increased and improved use of tooltips.
  • Removed obsolete Connect toolbar item.
Source: README.markdown, updated 2011-08-06