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SHA256(fugu-0.8.5.dmg.gz)= ec4d89f98fb5f866db2a6cd4e20ae2cf03db9e1ae231b5c880fa052d318fb32a
RIPEMD160(fugu-0.8.5.dmg.gz)= 2cfce625fe58d2d9346565012564b8faed7a5d0a
SHA1(fugu-0.8.5.dmg.gz)= b9408592d79d02d7a64ee737385bda8530232915
MD5(fugu-0.8.5.dmg.gz)= 3d6c456605bf6b5ac8ac0c5de57b5819


  • 0.8.5:
  • Added support for Public Key authentication and S/Key passwords.
  • Added support for connections to ssh servers listening on ports other than the default (22).
  • Added basic preference panel.
  • Tested on 10.1.x and developer builds of 10.2.
  • Fixed bug in which Fugu would try to upload when disconnected, leading to an abnormal exit.
  • Modified About Fugu panel, enabled link to homepage, changed contact address, changed README panel.
Source: README.markdown, updated 2011-08-06