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Fuego is a collection of C++ libraries for developing software for the game of Go. It includes a Go player using Monte-Carlo tree search.

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    Strength (rugo.ru/read.php?2,68490,8031951,page=13#msg-8031951): 1) Pachi10.99(Retsugen-devel_4a75662c35b0891881d599b50d9e9264181543ad); 2) MoGo; 3) ManyFacesOfGo12.010 (non desktop program- may be weaker, than other such programs, for example, Zenith). And FueGo is more weaker... All versions able to take advantage of 64 bit systems: but if compiling on Linux_x86_64 with prefix not= /usr/local must launch program with full path: {prefix}/bin/fuego [b]skanskan[/b], it would be easier to install Linux not just to try a new version of Fuego, but, for example, to try strongest Go programs (dropbox.com/sh/o4e61cpzajso6hp/8c9uiOYLpn) and to get rid of a headache with Windows, then compile it in Windows and get other huge amount of headache on desktop with this already only tablet&smartphone OS. [b]oid-2770909[/b], I've tried Windows, when it was desktop OS, but it wasn't installed at all on my computer. Windows is a real headache for people that don't want to waste many hours installing and configuring many things (drivers, programs, etc). And most programs I use are included in Linux distribution kits (for example LibreCAD, GIMP, FreeCAD, most usable and standard format OpenOffice...). I know you can find similar programs for Windows but they are only for rich people well knowing the computer (or with the such man). Pachi Go is for a long time under Linux and there are more strong programs for Linux, such MoGo.

    Posted 06/02/2012
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