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FileTracker is a true multithreaded file manager for Windows. It is designed from scratch to make optimum use of multicore processors, and at all times to provide a responsive UI. Even on single CPU systems this will be apparent.

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  • solonia-x
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    Actually I was looking for "TimeTracker" by the same fellow (Roland Bennett), but was having no luck. It's like these "trackers" and anyone related to them disappeared into a black hole after 2007. Too bad. I was hoping he was still working on / updating the "time tracker" utility. My thoughts on that were that it would be sooooo much better if the "time usage.csv file that it wants to create when the program is closed or the machine is rebooted would or could automatically append itself with the date and time, since I shut down my laptop several times a day and that overwritten csv file isnt going to do me any good, and having to manually save it with a new name is just annoying every time I reboot. The utilitarian value of it would greatly enhanced with this one minor tweek. Its unfortunate that Roland's utilities have been frozen in time... I wanted to use the timetracker as a companion to other time clock utilities so that I could fill in holes or blank spots when I forgot to punch in or out and with the added benefit of being able to see exacly the steps of everywhere I had been. Taking the time tracker and turning that into a time clock like "Trax time (just a simple utility) and combining their functions would be be a great way of actually accessing the real amount of time in any program (theoretically work/client) related. But I see the world came to a crushing end in 2008 for these babies. Too bad.

    Posted 06/24/2012
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