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  • wave-form
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    This program has saved me years and years of work. The only reason I rated the features as good and not excellent is because I would like to see a reliable shredder built in. So when things are deleted on the destination drive the user has the option for them to be shredded and not just deleted.

    Posted 03/30/2015
  • mattchamlee
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    UI could use some work, but otherwise an excellent tool with robust functionality. I especially appreciate the scripting capability.

    Posted 03/15/2015
  • astext
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    I like this a lot, synchronises my backups a lot faster and easier!

    Posted 12/03/2014
  • chishold
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    Now that the venerable FileSync has mysteriously stopped working on my PC, I am relieved to find FreeFileSync works well for me in similar ways.

    Posted 11/12/2014
  • maccarter
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    Works better than many other sync tools. However, the instructions presume the user has significant tech background and knowledge -- way too much techie jargon. Lot's of information that is meaningless to the average computer user. So, while it seems to work fine and it's FAST, I have no idea what much of the notations mean after it completes a sync. IF the user help file explained more in simple English, it would be MUCH better. NOTE: It would help if the app showed its VERSION #.

    Posted 09/22/2014
  • duago
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    Win 7 install, Not at all like what was shown in the screenshots when you click the icon that installs to the start menu (RealtimeSync). It Only gives command line option. You will have to go to the program folder and click the green (FreeFileSync) exe file to get the full initial program setup. Then it should be all good

    Posted 05/10/2014
  • jonafc
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    use to use MS synctoy but it's so out of date you can see there is no future in it. looks like sync center is the way to go for MS native but I have Windows 7 Home so I don't have that choice. anyway, came across this, judged it on downloads per week and gave it a go. really impressed, easy to setup and with just a little reading you can get it to do realtimesync with realtimesync that comes with it! looks like it's maintained well and kept up to date (big plus) and I like the way it can use Windows Shadow Copy for locked files. great stuff and thanks!

    Posted 05/01/2014
  • mythofechelon
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    -Pros- • Option for portable install • Support for multiple source and destination paths • VERY fast comparison • Good view of changes that are going to be / are being made (tree views with percentage bars, graphs of copying process, taskbar progress meter, etc) • Support for environmental variables in paths • Support for drive labels over letters in paths • Support for more than one concurrent instance -Cons- • Bit of a learning curve due to the unintuitive UI (exclusions have to be relative to the source path, "Item exists on left / right side only" column is always on the left, the difference between global and local filters is not obvious, etc) • No option to keep versioning in the same folder - it has to be a single, user-defined folder • Custom synchronisation is not customisable enough (actions are catagory-sepecifc, for example) • Not smart enough to know only the filename changed • No tree view for comparison results tables • Doesn't take files that will be deleted into consideration when warning about free space • No current log of sync process, only the current action. Although, there is one post-sync

    Posted 04/25/2014
  • hasplix
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Nice tool, like pro app but I miss one feature: background service. However I think it is best free file sync.

    Posted 03/05/2014
  • lawrencedol
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    FFS is highly capable and very fast. More importantly, it's very reliable - I synchronize about 250K files daily, with typically a few thousand changed and about a 500 MB in size and it has yet to mess up. I used to use MS's SyncToy, but that name actually characterizes it will, a "toy"; SyncToy would frequently get confused and want to move things in the wrong direction or show conflicts which weren't the case (esp. with MS network share drives). One of FFS's strengths is how well it handles conflicts, though I have occasionally wished it had a one-click-for-the-newest button, it's really easy to select a group of files and right-click to send them left or right. Also, FFS is orders of magnitude faster than MSST for high-latency drives, like WAN drives; synchronizations that would take several hours with MSST 2.1 completed in less than 20 minutes using FFS (and that was quite some versions of FSS ago). The UI is adequate, with some very minor shortcomings, like not being able to reorder the list of directories being synchronized. Overall it's pretty easy to use, though I think filters and the two settings dialogs could be merged into a single concept / dialog. The ability to hook in an external compare tool is excellent, and it works very well with WinMerge to check exactly what is different between particular files.

    Posted 11/13/2013
  • aejcth
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    I read about the TimeStamp problem and maybe have a tip. I wrote a similar program (in VB) some years ago and solved this issue as follows. If the copy went OK, I checked the FileModifyTimes after copying. If the stamps were still different, I separately copied the TimeStamp from source to target and voilà: the files are identical again, ready for the next sync operation. I made this feature optional because it writes the obsolete format in the copied file. You could also consider copying the timestamp the other way, thus correcting the original format in the source file. Although this approach does have advantages, I never tried it because I didn't want to tamper with the originals.

    Posted 10/12/2013
  • telsonalva
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    I am currently testing this application, although i do not see what the problem is with the created date. NTFS does not seem to give any problems. And who uses FAT32 / 16 these days ? Well the created dates are absolutely fine in my case ... I rate it 4 because there still could be some improvement. For a free software and the hardwork put on this so far ... Its a great app !

    Posted 09/26/2013
  • athien
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    Works good. The only thing missing is the ability to preserve time stamps. We need to keep over 900,000 documents sync'd between two servers and be able to preserve the time stamps of the files/directories they reside in but I can't find a way to do it with this software? The other apps out there like DirSync Pro allow this capability... Why not this one?

    Posted 07/29/2013
  • friendfx
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    Fast operation, nice GUI. The only thing that's missing is a way to save the settings which files and folders in a (potentially huge) folder tree should be synced and the ability to re-use that information in a RealSync (real-time synchronisation) between folder trees. Thanks for the tool and keep up the good work!

    Posted 07/25/2013