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// Read this file before to become this soft // Project FPDF hebrew created by Rodolphe MOULIN This project can you interest if you want create pdf files with php on your website. Several libraries exist to create pdf with 2 free. FPDF and TCPDF. We use the FPDF library of downloadable http://www.fpdf.org/ The current version used is v1.7 (18/06/2011) To run the code, download FPDF library on http://www.fpdf.org/, unzip the file and copy it into your site. Download project "FPDF_hebrew. Unzip FPDF_hebrew and copy the two files "ismal" in the directory "font" of the library FPDF. Copy the php file (hebrew_fpdf.php) in your website (this file generate an pdf example)and change the first line if needed: require ('phpToPDF / fpdf.php'); Test and modify php file; enjoy !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // To dagesh, quamatz and other vocalise // For now (and perhaps ever), it is impossible to have vocalized Hebrew. The vocals are the letters instead of underneath. The currently used does not vocalise. It was chosen because royalty-free, but others are available with vocalise. To install additional fonts Download a free form or your right (only .ttf) Go to http://fpdf.fruit-lab.de/ Choose your file Select Map : cp1255 Click on : Convert 2 fPDF font file Download file "php" and "z" and paste on directory font of fPDF Open php file in your font and copy variable : "$name" Modify your php file "hebrew_fpdf.php" : $pdf->AddFont('IsmarLight','','0f10394e3d986a7522b311a304309b90_ismal___.php'); Replace 'IsmarLight' by your "$name" Replace '0f10394e3d986a7522b311a304309b90_ismal___.php' by your font file name Don't forget to replace also lines : $pdf->SetFont('IsmarLight','',18); Good job !!!
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