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= Welcome to fmgVen - A Convention over Configuration Java ORM Tool = fmgVen is an alternative to heavyweight ORM tools, in which mapping requires configuration, and lots of issues out of lazy loading, etc. It maps java domain objects to database tables without explicit mapping configuration. Data access must be simple and lightweight. The points of fmgVen are; * Convention over Configuration * No Select N + 1 Problem * Simple DAO is all you need * Lightweight * ORM tool should not aim to abstract out SQL knowledge * Performance out of the box, without having to tweak anything * Typed Criteria API * Oldest possible JRE support (1.4, 1.5) == User Guide/Documentation == fmgVen quick start and reference documentation including code samples. Go to http://trac.pragmacraft.com/OpenSourceProjects/wiki/FmgVen/Documentation page for details. Also check http://trac.pragmacraft.com/OpenSourceProjects/wiki/FmgVen/Development/UseCases for a brief overview.
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