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Floreant POS is a platform independent Enterprise Grade Point of Sale application that greatly benefits Restaurant business simplifying order management, automation of kitchen and keeping control of cash.

Established in 2008 Floreant POS has powered 20,000 restaurants in 18 countries around the world. In 2014.

[IMP UPDATE: In 2014 Floreant POS official site has moved to http://floreantpos.org. Please update the .org link as floreantpos .com has been taken by third party domain owner.


  • Robust: Enterprise grade POS follwed Java code standard. Portable, applicaton runs from even Pen drive, tested in Linux disros , Mac 10.4+ and Windows XP to 8.1.(Requires Java 7+)
  • Modular: Can use as single cash terminal with embedded database or multiple terminal in client server model. Supports wide range of Databases(Compiled with MySQL, Derby) and ready to connect with Oracle and MSSQL
  • Versatile Order types: Dine In, Take Out, Home delivery, Phone based Order and Pick up & Drive thru. Table management, scheduling order and driver database
  • Bar tab : Create new tab, edit tab and pre-authorization of credit card.
  • Modifiers based Price: Dyamic Pricing on Modifier Group, Max/Min Forced modifiers, Ala carte, Happy hour, fixed, percent discounted price.
  • Kitchen Print : Route instructions to Kithen receipt printer. Track wastage and assign dedicated Kitchen printers for different terminals
  • Backoffice : Friendly interface for managing Food Menu, Mods, Prices, Beverates,Cooking instruction. Forced beverage by Guest count
  • Cash terminals : Magnetic card, Partial payment and multiple Automatically calculate Discounts by percent and fixed amounts and accepts Giftcard and Coupon
  • Tax: Multiple tax, Per item tax, Tax exemption. Included Vat/Tax sales system for UK and European restaurants
  • MIS Reports : Ships with standard set of financial reports including Sales summary and detail report, Hourly income report, Gratuity (Tips) report, drawer pull and Credit card reports.
  • i18n: Supports 20+ langauges. No need to wait for langauge pack all translated texts can be modified in Notepad++
  • Manager facilities: Credit card tips, Drawer Pull, Drawer bleed, Void, Split & reports in Receipt printer.
  • 1.4 released Plugin based architecture
  • Most Active project, Real time source code access. Live chat support & Remote installation
  • Supports Commercial free plugins for Inventory Control, Transactions including Purchase, Move, Wastage, restocking levels, Warehouse for Raw materiall and Finished item
  • Supports Commercial plugin for Floor plan & Table visual layout from Orocube.com
  • Zero Installer App. Unzip it and it starts working in 2 minutes. It does not mess your computer.


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