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FHFS is a FTP and HTTP Web Server package, transparently based on HFS and FileZilla.[1] FHFS is built to act as an all-in-one user-based file hosting website, good for schools, businesses, etc. whose students/employees need to easily transport files. FHFS is designed specifically for account-based storage, not easily compatible with other uses or using over-top of an original HFS setup. Early development was started in January 2011, beta builds were tested in October 2011, and the first stable build was released on November 3, 2011.[2] FHFS was started to accelerate development on FileSplat.com, as well as experiment with the capabilities of HFS macros. FHFS is loosely based on source code from www.filesplat.com, and was created by the same developer.[3] FHFS is written in several different languages, including: HFS Macros, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DOS, PHP, C#, and VBScript.

FHFS - FTP/HTTP File Server Web Site


  • FTP via FileZilla Server, with SSL
  • Account creation system
  • Individual private and shared sections for user files
  • Users can set entire folders to be publicly accessible.
  • Upload without an account
  • Thumbnails generated for pictures uploaded
  • Ability to stream MP3s, alone or in playlists
  • Folder size calculation and content counters
  • User preferences, including changing colors
  • Macro-based accounts with ability to sign out
  • Outgoing SMTP Email Integration
  • Page to contact administrators
  • SSL via Stunnel (HTTP and SMTP)
  • Customizable account size limits for admins
  • Refined user interface
  • On-demand file hash calculation (via OpenSSL)
  • One-Click copy URL to clipboard
  • Email files to others within your browser
  • Customizable FTP/HTTP Ports for Admins
  • Integrated Database System
  • New macro-based functions and global variables
  • Full, feature-rich admin interface
  • Forgotten password recovery system
  • Gallery mode for photos uploaded
  • SSL-certificate generator
  • Basic PHP Integration
  • Secure password hashing/salting
  • Centralized CSS for all pages
  • Admin can choose where to store user files
  • Automatic update notifications
  • Embedded resources and base64 images
  • Admin can set a server-wide color default


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