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V0.4.2 * Ability to change text align on text information field (check the test skin XML file for reference) * Now using MantisBT for bug reports and feature requests (to request/report please visit http://sourceforge.net/apps/mantisbt/ffmp3/) * Croatian Translation (thanks to Rafael Ribar) * Finnish Translation (thanks to Topi Mäenpää) * Added metadata loader for mp3 streamings (using xspf interface for icecast and html interface for shoutcast) - Note: FFMp3 needs a working crossdoamin.xml file configured on your server to use this. * Added Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons on the website. Also created FFMp3 Twitter account (http://twitter.com/#!/FFMp3) - Ok, this is probably not big deal, but may help the project grow faster :) * Added Bidirectional Javascript API (now is possible to play, stop, change volume, and to make the player display some text using Javascript). * Added Source callback information to tell javascript which streaming URL is beeing used. (useful if you want to debug or know when you're using the fallback streaming). * Added Fallback callback information to tell javascript if the streaming in use is the fallback signal. * Fixed dropdown menu missing when skin parameter has an error in the skin-configurable player. * Added classid parameter to the auto generated html code, to allow Bidirectional Javascript API work on internet explorer. * Replaced FlashDevelop 2 project file for FlashDevelop 3 and 4 v0.4.1 * Dutch Translation (thanks to Gerard Hollemans) * Hungarian Translation (thanks to Tajti Róbert) * Polish Translation (thanks to Piotr Kozłowski) * Fixed compilation issues under Linux and Mac: (thanks to Michael Krause) * Renamed OggSound.hx to OGGSound.hx (case correction) * Renamed volumeControl.hx to VolumeControl.hx (case correction) * Compatible/compilable with haXe 2.08. * Added Fallback Signal Support (in case of error in one signal, starts using the second) - Check FAQ section for more details. v0.4.0 Changes to the Player: * Compatible/compilable with haXe 2.06. * Added VHolder mode for volume control skin component. * Updated Ogg Library so: - Solved metadata issues with OGG. - More audio qualities supported in OGG Streaming! * Added metadata events and metadata control objects - Check FAQ section for more details. * OGG Metadata delivery via javascript - Check FAQ section for more details. * Refactored player Class. * Changed javascript API calls to using flash.external AP * Configurable Buffering Time - (only for Mp3 streamings. must add buffering=X in flashvars) * Now FFMp3 keeps playing buffered content while reconnecting in case of network error. * Added Russian Language Changes to the Web: * Fixed FAQ explanation on crossdomain and mime.types issue for windows and linux users. * Fixed broken link to Shout-Stream Wordpress Plugin. * Removed "Coming Features" section. * Added "ChangeLog" section. Changes to the Web HTML Code Generator: * Added default option AllowScriptAccess=Always into web html code generator to avoid issues when including the player from another host. * Provide an easy way to enable/disable tracking in the web html code generator. * Validate "Volume" value at web html code generator. * Added Buffering Time option at the web html code generator. * Added JSEvents Enable/Disable Option at the web html code generator. v0.3.2 * Fix on CodeGenerator @ download page (now replaces spaces with %20) * Norwegian Translation (thanks to Erik Paulsen Skålerud) * Turkish Translation (thanks to Tarkan Kaya) * Poruguese Translation (thanks to Miguel Vidal) * Fixed bug when pressing play multiple times in a very short time (like double clicking the play button, reported by Tarkan Kaya) * Added support for Javascript Events (inform player events to javascript) v0.3.1 * Context menu whith link to ffmp3 website. * More languages (FR, GER, IT) * Added Version String to Tracking code (Tracking remains optional). v0.3 * Configurable Skin via XML and Images * More Skins! v0.2 * Drag over the volume bar * Mouse wheel for volume bar (In FF doesn't works if wmode is enabled) * Status Led * Complete Refactor of player, UI and Main clases * Skins Interface * Players Interface (to add OGG and others in the future) * Abstract-Reusable graphics component for the volume bar * Typified status (one step to internationalization) * FlashDevelp Project including outputs for Different Skins on the same project. * Internacionalization * Google Analytics Tracker (just when user clicks play, but can disable with tracking=false) * OGG Player * Get a Logo (an Argentinean Cardinal Bird) * Volume parameter * Codec parameter * Welcome parameter * Interface for new playable formats Class * Added Security Error control (for missing or restrictive crossdomain.xml when using OGG) * New Website * HTML Code Generator @ Website
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