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[README] This Chrome browser plugin was intended for downloading Facebook Album. Some supported gallery sites have been included. For installation and infos, please visit http://www.cenadep.org/downloads/facebook-photo-album-downloader/ Leave a comment/review for feature request or site suggestion. [KNOWN ISSUES] * Facebook new ui doesn't reload page when you navigate among album previews ( pages with URLs like these: www.facebook.com/username/photos_of www.facebook.com/username/photos_all www.facebook.com/username/photos_albums www.facebook.com/username/photos_untagged ) In other words, Facebook chaches photos during navigation among these pages, which will lead to overlapping cached photos over newer album browsed. [CHANGES] Changes [v.01.10.update2] * added raw mode for crawling pics from general web page (no low-res preview) Changes [v.01.10.update1] * Redefine grabber script to match new Facebook user profile album Changes [v.01.10]: * Ability to preview images in low-res and allow removing unneeded images. A button to load hi-res images is available * Logo changed * Page layout changed Changes [v.01.09]: * Made changes to Facebook support, with new availability to download from tagged photos and wall photo galleries * Download button will appear on every page opened in browser * Ability to download from http://www.anysite.com/wp-contents/uploads/ if directory browsing allowed Changes [v.01.08] and [Older]: * Archived and no longer displayed * Moved to Chromium Manifest v.2
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