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Technical items and disclaimer

  • «Fachwerk» is platform-independent, it runs on LINUX, Windows and Macintosh.
  • It needs Java (JRE ≥ 1.4) installed.
  • It is «free» software, it is subject to the «GNU Public Licence» GPL.
    In brief: The licence allows the use, redistribution and modification of the program providing that you accept it's rules.
    Commercial users are expected to pay for the program (not mandatory though).
  • The licence disclaims all liability of the author.
  • All results must be verified CAREFULLY in order to state that they are PLAUSIBLE!

In order to see what is new, please consult the Changelog.


Windows, Mac OS X, any OSLinux
Download the zip-archive.Download the package
rpm for OpenSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva
deb for Debian, Ubuntu
Extract the archive to any directory.
(i.e. C:\Program Files)
Click the package, confirm installation, type root password.

Alternatively type:
sudo rpm -Uvh fachwerk-*.noarch.rpm
sudo dpkg -i fachwerk_*_all.deb

The source code is included in the archive/packages.

Starting the program


If installation was done using the package manager, start Fachwerk from the program menu or type

In case you have installed the zip, change into the directory where you have unzipped the program, then type


First change into the directory where you have installed the program (i.e. C:\Program Files\fachwerk).
Then double-click the file «fachwerk.bat» or type fachwerk in the command line.

Mac OS X, any operating system

Change into the directory where you have unzipped the program, then type
java -jar fachwerk*.jar

Double-clicking the file «fachwerk*.jar» might also work.


Source: README.creole, updated 2014-09-02