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Faber Ludorum is currently incomplete, and therefore, to work on the source files, you require all of the following: -All include files and source files -Boost 1.2.x libraries -The DirectX SDK The IDE used to develop the code is Visual Studio 2010. Most other modern compilers should work, though. Release notes: Development release 0.0.1: Files added online. Everything compiles, but there are no shinies yet. Sorry. The process manager has not been adequately tested, but it should work. Development release 0.0.15: Some files updated. There is a memory access violation when processes are released from the process manager that I intend on fixing. So-called "smart pointers" are really quite dumb. I added two new child processes to test it: CWaitProcess (basically an alarm) and CMessageProcess (it pops a message box and then disappears). Development release 0.0.16: CProcess and CProcessManager updated. The access violation error has been fixed. And I didn't even need to use smart pointers. Woohoo! Development release 0.0.2: I added some wrappers for the D3D vectors, matrices, and quaternions. I'm going to start on an actor class soon. Credits and special thanks: Dr. Best from the U3D forums for helping me with my terrible C++ skills and never just telling me to go away (even I though I deserve it). Mike McShaffry and his book, Game Coding Complete, Third Edition, for teaching me about the components required for a game. License information: Faber Ludorum is public domain. Credit is not required, but appreciated. Due to the licensing on my copy of Visual Studio, only non-commercial development is allowed, unless, of course, you are willing to give me $800 for a commercial license.
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