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Release Notes for ExtremeExtJSBuilder.exe Release 1.7 Added functionality to Send Message box if Ext JS is wrong version or just installed incorrectly, rather than a miserable fail notice. Release 1.6 The WebTest Directory is now included with the EXE upload and download. Release 1.5 Added the ability to left click on the image in the main dialog box. This action will cause a temporary theme to be created, and an index.html file will also be created. If you selected your favorite browser using the Settings Dialog box, the browser will open and you will be presented with the Ext JS Example Theme page with your current theme being used to color the page. Also added a progress bar to the Export File Dialog box. Added an About button to the Settings Dialog so you can observe the Release number. Release 1.4 Added new class PaintGraphics to handle painting of the image in the upper left corner of the main dialog. Added 5 more sliders for more optimum adjustment of the colors. Release 1.3 Added the Message: WM_ACTIVE to both the Main Dialog and the Color Selector. This required writing two supporting functions. Updated the css parser to also parse the directory names in the css file. This was supposed to be done, and now it is. Release 1.2 Only using 7 zip for compression to SourceForge. 7 zip is open source software and is available from SourceForge. Added GUI elements to display GPLv3 License agreement. Added GPLv3 to each source file. Added GPLv3 license to the program. Release 1.1 not delivered. Release 1.0 Initial Release
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