extract chunk from file

extract boot sector or other chunk from disk image or other file

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this is used to extract a chunk of data from a binary disk file such as a disk image. it can be used to extract the boot sector or MBR or a chunk from any position and length.

accepts many types of integer number formats.

great for building OS's (Operating Systems) or general data extraction and file work.

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  • extract first 512 bytes of file or any position and length
  • input and output is binary file
  • warning: DJGPP stat is used for DOS (not the CMD shell version) for file sizes, which gives false sizes for text files (converts cr+lf to lf).
  • windows version uses 64-bit filesystem access
  • 32-bit executables for DOS, 32 and 64-bit executables for windows.
  • DOS version is (of course) limited to 4GiB filesystem.
  • uses integer64 for all number input and handles the following: integer64 is unsigned and case insensitive. it ignores underscores(_). it can be hexadecimal (start with 0x), decimal (plain number or start with 0d), octal (start with 0, 0q, 0o), binary (start with 0b), and can be appended with SI units (:B :D :DB :H :HB :K :KB :M :MB :G :GB :T :TB :P :PB :E :EB :Z :ZB :Y :YB) or computer units (:Ki :KiB :Mi :MiB :Gi :GiB :Ti :TiB :Pi :PiB :Ei :EiB :Zi :ZiB :Yi :YiB) as a multiplier suffix. priority will be given to longer suffixes in a stream of printable characters.
  • can be used for file splitting, e.g. splitting a backup into smaller media-sized chunks for later re-joining using a copy /b a+b+c+d e command.


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