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ext4tc is a file system plug-in for total commander. With this plug-in it is possible to browse partitions with ext2, ext3 and ext4 file system.

ext4tc Web Site

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Dec 2013 update:
The Skype Diceroller has become officially obsolete. Skype announced that they are discontinuing support for the Skype API, which the project depends on in order to read chat message data. Unfortunately, there isn't an alternative mechanism currently available to that would support the diceroller's functionality. This project is essentially on hiatus until a new API or other means of retrieving chat data from Skype becomes available.

Thank you all for downloading. It was fun to work on this project, and I hope to work on it more.

August 3rd 2013 update:

DiceRoller v2.0 is now v2.1! The dice roll parsing and result mechanism has been offloaded to Lua, The current script is bare-bones, but more features will be added over time, and you can add them yourself without the need for downloading/compiling source code.

Version 2.1 is currently in beta.

DiceRoller V2.0 (for Skype) Web Site


  • Easily roll dice from within a Skype Chat.
  • Support for d10 dice systems and counting successes.
  • Sum the rolls of multiple dice.
  • Uses MersenneTwister Algorithm for number generation. Algorithm by Makoto Matsumoto, Takuji Nishimura, and Shawn Cokus. Implementation by Richard J. Wagner.
  • Allows ReSeeding for extra randomness, or for those superstitious about the outcome of rolls based on the command typed.
  • Only one instance of it need be run at a time. Will calculate rolls for the user and everyone inside the same chat.
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