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eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design.

Rich collaboration features such as wikis, forums, calendars and documents are smartly integrated around activity streams, social networking and workspaces.

The platform has been carefully designed to instantly engage users. It runs on the Cloud or within the trusted security of an enterprise platform and is highly customizable to adapt when your needs evolve. eXo Platform has inherited strong document management capabilities from its portal platform roots and thus is also a fantastic platform for content-centric applications.

Based on standard and highly extensible, eXo Platform also rely on community add-ons to bring users new capabilities like chat application, blog management and Google Drive extensions.


  • Social Network
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Calendar
  • Document Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Portal
  • FAQ
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Standards compliance : JCR, CMIS, OpenSocial, WEBDAV, FTP, iCal, JEE, Portlets.
  • Enterprise Integration: single sign on (CAS, JOSSO, OpenSSO, Kerberos / SPNEGO, SAML), LDAP & Active Directory
  • Databases : MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQLServer, Sybase, DB2
  • App Servers : Tomcat
  • JVM : Oracle Java 6 and 7, OpenJDK 6 and 7, IBM Java 6 & 7


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I haven't tried this one yet. But you guys should check out ocPortal over at ocportal.com/start.htm This is a true open source and yet powerful script. PayPal ready. You can even unBrand it with one click of the button. I have been using it for about 2 months now and its great. It has been around a long time and stood the test of time. Always growing updating etc.. The Author is very fast in the forums at answering questions. I am very very impressed.

Posted 06/28/2015
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@bankitguy , yes but it took a few times restarting everything for me to get it to view. Not sure why though. Community chat throws a error for me too. But all in all looks nice and good performance.

Posted 06/13/2015
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Has anybody downloaded 4.2, installed, and actually got it to work? I tried on Win2003, Win2008R2, Win2012R2. All I get is a blank web page after the login.

Posted 05/22/2015
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Posted 05/12/2015
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eXo provides a lot of interesting features centered about collaboration and content with social capabilities. It makes team work much more efficient.

Posted 04/25/2015
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Zaizi SourceForge Sponsored


Zaizi is an experienced information and technology consulting firm specialising in enterprise content management (ECM) and document capture solutions. Through strategic partnerships with eXo, Alfresco and Ephesoft, Zaizi delivers a complete range of enterprise content solutions, including document and web content management systems, scanning solutions, portals, and corporate intranets and extranets. Our technical expertise and innovative approach leverages rich internet applications, social networking platforms and cloud infrastructure to deliver scalable, on-demand solutions.

Nextep SourceForge Sponsored


As a company Nextep, founded in January 2000, works in the information technology sector to provide information management and Internet communication strategies for their clients. Nextep understands that technology should be a function of need and not the contrary. Nextep, along with Allos (www.allos.it) and Allos South Africa (www.allos.co.za), is part of the Allos International Group. Allos, founded in 1982, is a leading human capital development company that assists public and private organizations (national and international) in developing and deploying integrated solutions, both as a consulting firm and as an application service provider. Allos srl and Nextep srl offices are located in Italy, 60km outside Venice. Allos Consulting maintains offices in Centurion, South Africa.

4Linux SourceForge Sponsored


A leading company in Brazil providing solutions, training and services based on free and open source software. It has a qualified and experienced technical team, specialists in the assembly of infrastructure and middleware for critical mission. It has implemented Open Source solutions - including eXo - with great success on the Federal Government Bank of Brasil (Caixa Econômica Federal) that pays of all benefits for more than 50 million Brazilians. It also gives basic and advanced technical classes around the world by e-learning in Portuguese.

Vizuri SourceForge Sponsored


Vizuri is a software design and development company with a diverse client base in both the private and public sectors. Vizuri’s mission is to be a superior provider of Information Technology (IT) services to its clients. Vizuri is recognized for its ability to pinpoint emerging technologies, and efficiently and effectively incorporate those market-changing developments into clients’ business models. Through strategic partnerships with open source companies—including eXo, 10Gen, Red Hat, EnterpriseDB, and Acquia—Vizuri supports industry’s growing demand for the best-in-class Open Source solutions.

Groupe OnePoint SourceForge Sponsored

Groupe OnePoint

GROUPE ONEPOINT is an international company providing management consulting and I.T. professional services, technology optimization and outsourcing. GROUPE ONEPOINT helps its clients to optimize performance through the efficient and innovative use of processes and technologies (for example: strategic and business consulting, risk and quantitative analysis, processes, risk, regulation, change management…). We intervene in several business sectors: banking – finance – insurance, corporate, telecoms, services, industry, distribution….

Intervalle Technologies SourceForge Sponsored

Intervalle Technologies

Interval Technologies is an Algerian company providing IT services and training. The experience and technological expertise of its specialists coupled with the knowledge of the socio-economic context of the countries in which it operates, led to the success of its mission. Interval Technology was founded to provide training and technical assistance to help reduce the operating gap and ensure the implementation of technological projects.

Klee Group SourceForge Sponsored

Klee Group

With 400 engineers and consultants, Klee Group is specialized in information systems and internet technologies. As an innovation partner and value creator, we combine our sector-specific know-how, specialist fields, technological expertise and result-oriented approach in order to serve our clients to the highest standard. Klee Interactive (Klee Group’s web agency) teams oversee marketing and multimedia aspects during creation of your website : strategy and positioning, site design, ergonomics, navigation, graphics guide, multimedia creation, promotion of the site and search engine referencing.



EffiTIC, established in May 2009, is a software service and engineering company that builds innovative technical solutions to help clients achieve their strategic objectives. To enable customers to reconcile their business strategy with operational reality, EffiTIC offers a range of different services: - Systems integration and software engineering - Assistance with project management and implementation - Information systems quality and software testing - Expertise and technical support With a team of over 500 employees in 6 regional locations, EffiTIC ensures optimal reactivity and high-quality service delivery for their clients. EffiTIC also offers its own Integrated Training, the EffiTIC Academy, based in Paris.

Epidata Consulting

Epidata Consulting

Epidata Consulting is the first company specialized in software architecture in Latin America, and the market leader in Argentina. By offering consulting, software development, performance optimization and training services, Epidata can provide complete solutions for enterprise systems, customized for the unique needs of each client.



Equinoxes is a leading Tunisian web engineering firm, established in 1997 and a part of the Keyrus Group since 2006. An experienced systems integrator, Equinoxes delivers innovative solutions, specializing in information systems consulting, e-business and business intelligence technologies.



eSofties, one of Africa’s leading providers of software solutions, is a premier information technology (IT) solutions company offering a diverse range of services to government and private industries. Through a full suite of products and solutions for public financial management, fraud management systems, biometric authentication systems, software training, portal development and e-commerce, eSofties enables organizations to leverage technology to efficiently and effectively achieve their objectives while significantly reducing costs. eSofties crafts content-rich solutions that meet the rapidly changing needs of the enterprise. Our focus is the complete satisfaction of our customers. We deliver the highest quality support and services possible, with the latest software and value-added solutions that meet our customers' needs.



Key-Biz is an experienced information and technology consulting Italian company whose business is focused on the design and the implementation of web applications, such as web communities, web portals and e-business solutions. By means of a "global support" organization model and a detailed knowledge of the software development process, Key-Biz offers innovative IT solutions managing the entire project life cycle and aiming always to give the highest quality services while keeping costs to a minimum.



Linkare is a Portuguese IT company specializing in Java development. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, innovative and customized products and services for our customers, utilizing cutting-edge solutions that represent the best of open source and proprietary technologies. Linkare’s dedication to excellence allows us to contribute significant improvements in modernization and competitiveness of our commercial and public administration clients. Linkare is experienced with eXo Platform, GateIn and JBoss Portal, as well as other portal frameworks; Web Content Management (WCM) solutions; and a wide range of web frameworks and tools, such as JSF with AJAX (RichFaces, PrimeFaces, ICEfaces), Adobe Flash, Struts and JBoss Seam.



Mascareignes Information Technologies, or M.I.Technologies, is a systems integration and engineering company (SSII) specializing in the development of client-server environments and intranets. They utilize leading technology and software products, as well as the expertise and professional skills of an experienced team, to deliver a comprehensive range of customer solutions. Core competencies include: Portals, Intranets, and Extranets, Electronic Document Management (EDM), Integrated Management Programs (IMPs), Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Soporte Libre

Soporte Libre

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, Soporte Libre Cia. Ltda. is committed to the Open Source and Free Software Philosophy. Since inception, Soporte Libre has rapidly became one of the major Open Source providers in the market, as the result of combining high levels of experience, knowledge, processes improvement, new methodologies, proven techniques and best practices.e increa The Soporte Libre mission is to help local industries take full advantage of innovation provided by the open source and free software model, to dramatically lower costs and thereby enable increased investments in employee education and other technological improvements. Our team has deep roots in the open source community and a proven record of success in the commercial software industry. Industry veterans on our team, including a former member of the JBoss Application Server development team, Red Hat Certified Technicians and Red Hat Certified Engineers, help us to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing open source software world. Customers rely on Soporte Libre for 24x7 support and professional services, engineering services, and certification courses for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Application Server, and Untangle Network Gateway.



SERLI contributes to the IT systems evolution through its R&D activities on Open Source: J2EE, SOA, software lifecycle.



Wedjaa is an integration and software development oriented company based in Italy, with clients in most of the EMEA countries. The ability to leverage platforms like eXo and to extend them to meet the specific requirements expressed by the customers is one of the key factors in making Wedjaa a firm with an high success rate in the delivery of solutions. We have developed solutions ranging from document scanning and archiving to broadcasting libraries management, from health records handling to case management in the context of CRM. Wedjaa has an extensive know-how in the field of document, case and media management; in-house development and security teams allow us to build secure custom solutions leveraging well known open-source software stacks in a timely fashion.

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