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A set of tools (command line and GUI) to provide a complete digital photo workflow for Unixes. EXIF headers are used as the central information repository, so users may change their software at any time without loosing any data.

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  • exigui: A tiny graphical user interface for all of the followin command line scripts. Includes a batch mode to change it into a progress indicator for your automated workflow.
  • exiimport: Imports images from your digital camera or, in fact, from any other mounted directory.
  • exirename: Renames your image files according to our holy naming scheme and your configuration.
  • exiperson: Update EXIF information of your photos to contain the artist and copyright information that you configured as a default or for a specific camera model.
  • exiconvert: Takes care of batch converting raw files to jpg files, using your preferred converter (like ufraw or dcraw) and settings.
  • exiassign: Synchronizes EXIF tags between versions of a photo, e.g. after converting or editing a version.
  • exigate: Synchronize EXIF tags from gthumb meta files to image files and vice versa.
  • F-Spot extensions:
  • ExiflowCreateVersion: Creates a new photo version, naming the file according to our understanding of sane file names.
  • ExiflowDevelopInUFRaw: Like F-Spot's own DevelopInUfraw extension, but generating filenames with numbered versions.
  • ExiflowMerge: Automatically merge all versions of your photos, using the exiflow file naming scheme to associate them.
  • ExiflowRenameVersion: Lets you rename a version of a photo.
  • ExiflowRunWithExigui: Load selected photos into exigui for further processing.
  • ExiflowEditComment: Enter a comment into all selected photos, using an input box that's big enough for the job. Features a comment merger to make sure no existing comment is lost!


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  • oid-2965041
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    Great project! Exiflow lets small program do small tasks, and let me use photo managers/editor by my own choice (F-Spot, Gimp, Raw Therapee). I'd really like to see Exiflow seamlessly integrated in F-Spot, but I quess that would require a few hooks for things like importing and versioning in F-Spot. Great project, who said photo managing was a Mac-only thing?

    Posted 06/23/2010
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