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ExactTimer ---------- ExactTimer is a very simple desktop clock that shows the current time according to the system time. As I am still using Windows XP, the clock at the bottom-right corner is very small. Also, I always work for a very long time and the built-in clock is not big enough to remind me that I have to do other things. As such, I write this very simple and light application in Java -- ExactTimer, which shows the current time directly. The color of the time will also change gradually. ---------- This is a legal agreement between you and the developer(s) of ExactTimer. ExactTimer is distributed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0). You are free to distribute, modify, copy or share ExactTimer and you are welcome to use ExactTimer everywhere for any purpose, as long as you strictly comply with the MPL 2.0 license. ExactTimer is provided "AS IS" and WITHOUT warranties. ExactTimer does not contain any spyware, adware or malware. Please be reminded that the ExactTimer trademark is not open to the public to be used. If you do not agree to the above term(s), you should remove ExactTimer immediately. It is not possible to avoid abiding by the agreement by language reason(s). ---------- Version History: ExactTimer 1.6alpha -Simplified source code -Close to system tray -use properties file instead of text file to save settings -use JDialog instead of JFrame ExactTimer 1.5 -Internal testing version ExactTimer 1.4 -Simplified source code -Drag frame to move ExactTimer 1.3 -Fixed bug #00002: Automatically generate a new pref.txt file if corrupted. ExactTimer 1.2 -Fixed bug #00001: Wrong color, size and time zone settings when launched by other process(es) or launched at system startup. ExactTimer 1.1 -Time zone options added ExactTimer 1.0 -A release version in which 4 color options added ExactTimer 1.0RC3 -First public release ExactTimer 1.0RC1-ExactTimer 1.0RC2 -Internal testing versions between developers ExactTimer 0.9 -Internal testing version ---------- Please feel free to contact tony200910041 by email, tony200910041@gmail.com or in my blog, http://tony200910041.wordpress.com if you have further enquiries, problems or suggestions. Your advice is highly appreciated.
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