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A security tool to remove sensitive data from your Windows hard drive

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  • wave-form
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    This is not a reliable program. When you shred something, it needs to work. (Period). There are no exceptions to security. Like the others said, I also get errors and incomplete tasks. Loading the program with admin privileges makes no difference. The program has not been updated in over a year and there is only one guy is working on it. (That's a problem right there). I'm assuming it's not open source since no one else is working on it. So why is it on source forge? And why on earth is this program getting so many good reviews. It's unreliable. Tested under XP Pro, Win7 so far.

    Posted 03/30/2015
  • endolith
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    Doesn't work. You create a schedule to clear unused space and it always silently fails because it doesn't have permissions, even if you run it as administrator. Then you open it and the scheduled tasks have randomly disappeared. It would be nice if it worked.

    Posted 03/11/2015
  • ronnraymore
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    I find ver.6 to be a waste of time and space. I am the system administrator and am unable to access most of the files, which are not erased and the message "completed with errors" means nothing was done. This code does not accomplish what is promised, no files are overwritten and unrecoverable, as far as I can tell from the diagnostics. Recuva software is fully able to recover and most indicate the file was not deleted! Those giving 5stars must be Heidi employees, since any honest appraiser would surface the fact that this program does not do what it claims. Erase freespace creates pages of system files reports...cannot tell the difference between sys files and freespace? Joel needs to take a closer look at his work and rework it. I am still looking for a security program that does what Eraser claims to do and ask all to let me know if they find a program that is effective. I appreciate the community help with this issue.

    Posted 01/09/2014
  • oscar12
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    I am running Windows7 Home premium on an Acer 64 bit system. I am unable to install the ERASER program. How do I get it to install????? My gmail address is oscarjr05@ I would appreciate an ASAP response. Thank you. Oscar

    Posted 05/26/2013
  • alladin-123
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    Yes, the project is worthy thanks!

    Posted 02/12/2013
  • josekim
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    Thumbs down is for version 6. Crappy gui and no asking before erasing.

    Posted 10/19/2012
  • dainbramage99
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    Wiping the pagefile is nice, but overall disappointing. Great and simple idea that has lost its way. Used the program back in the day, which I liked and recommended, dropped it when it went to heidi because it took on commercial exploitative character and raised some security concerns, then recently tried out the open source version 6. Regretfully i must agree with user 'quilan' who prefers the older 5 version. More seriously, it concerns me when I notice a 'security' product eraser.exe making persistent and unauthorized internet calls to and (Poland) - blocked and logged by my firewall - with no apparent way to disable updates etc, , and with source code now too obscure to check. I cannot use or recommend a security program with such obscure, and frankly disturbing, practices. Removing from my machine. Sorry if its all a 'big misunderstanding', but I'll use something else.

    Posted 08/30/2012
  • mpam
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    I have _never_ been able to successfully run the installer of any 6.x version... Clearly you should at least make a portable version of those, like you did for 5.7/5.8.

    Posted 02/23/2012
  • wrbt
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    downloaded/installed 6.08, installed on windows xp sp3 with all recent patches. started program for the first time and it generated an error and crashed with a request to send info to microsoft. uninstalled. older version (5?) seemed to work okay.

    Posted 10/13/2011
  • quilan
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    Guess I'm one of those people who find the new 6+ version a step back. I've been using eraser 5.84 for ~3 years (winXP machine) with full satisfaction, then one day I decided to try the new version, first task: erasing a 12GB folder on a usb external HDD...after more than an hour(!) watching the progress bar crawling its way like honey in sub zero temperature (mind you, I was using just one pass with random data, not the Gutmann overkill) it was finally done.. with errors and only partial erasure. Uninstalled and decided to try again but I don't like the responsiveness, I don't like the new schedule-everything (just wipe the goddamn data!), I don't like the memory persistence after each deletion,I don't like the new pulsing tray icon, I don't like needing .NET and I don't like bloated ~9MB downloads. On the other hand, I must say that from the responses I've seen in forums it seems most people do like the new version so it might be just the old DOS programmer in me who is used to software which fits a 5.25" floppies... I appreciate the time, energy and money that the developers poured into it but I'll pass and try to install the older 5.88 and see how it goes. Otherwise, there are always 500kb apps that do the same thing.

    Posted 04/20/2011
  • e7online
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    Thumbs down is for version 6. Crappy gui and no asking before erasing. Version 5 is useable - use this instead of current.

    Posted 12/21/2010
  • casey444
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    No install in SafeMode possible (Vista). I want to erase some before sending defect laptop to manufacturer. Only starts in SafeMode.

    Posted 12/06/2010
  • ajmh
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    This used to be an amazing utility, but version 6 has been a real disappointment. The lean and effective app has become a bloated and (as far as I can tell) largely dysfunctional one - which is a real shame. The new gui is pretty, but I miss the core of what made this such a good tool.

    Posted 10/05/2010
  • nexus-beta
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    could not get it to work no matter how hard i tried!

    Posted 09/07/2010
  • cheesemonkeyboy
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    I agree with the others - V6.0 is really disappointing. 1) There is no status/progress shown for erasing unused disk space. 2) "Create Nuke Boot Disk" (Darik's Boot and Nuke) is gone (is in V5.8.6). I have gone back to V5.8.6 (V5.8.8 does not have "Create Nuke Boot Disk" either...). I found V5.8.6 at PCWorld. Fortunately, I found V5.8.6 = I deleted it when I downloaded V6.0.7.1893...

    Posted 08/10/2010
  • oid-3007175
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    It appears I was incorrect that ERASER ruined my XP System. It takes days for Eraser to finish erasing the free disk space. During that time I installed NERO-2010. Nero 2010 installs updates without checking that XP has newer versions (from windows update). This ruined .NET and get Windows Update in a mess. I restored my last Acronis backup, and when I installed NERO, all the .NET problems started happening again. Now, I do find it disturbing to find eraser leaves thousands of error messages about files that it could not open. It seems Eraser is not satisified with erasing the free disk space, but also tries to open every file on the disk to erase unused portions of these files. I think this is totally wasteful and useless and potentially dangerous. I wish eraser had an option to NOT do this.

    Posted 07/31/2010
  • aglenday
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    Eraser 6.0.7 consumes 600MB of RAM on m Windows 7 64-bit system and constantly crashes before it erases the files. It also slows the computer down a lot more then previous versions did and does it's job slower as well.

    Posted 05/17/2010
  • chiefofgxbxl
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    From the fair amount of negative ratings, I would not be too quick to use this. I know McAfee and MalwareBytes both have file shredders, so I could just use those. The crash reports from others don't convince me to use this program.

    Posted 05/07/2010
  • oid-2876982
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    Version 6 of Eraser consistently crashed on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I could not even create a scheduled event because Eraser would crash faster than I could select the time to run the schedule (click the boxes for the days of the week, select a time, then tell it which folder to erase). Windows tried to give it certain compatibility options to make it run but it still crashed. I do not recommend this program.

    Posted 04/12/2010
  • duanesimmons
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    Under Xp (not the latest update), Windows lost the ability to move or delete files (by any means other than DOS prompt). Presumably something related to the shell extention. On the other hand: when uninstalled, everything was fine -- No Permanent Damage. Sounds like it would be very nice, if it could run.

    Posted 03/09/2010
  • geossl
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Version 5 is much better. Why Version 6 becomes memory resident after deleting files??? Why there is more level to run in explorer shell?

    Posted 02/23/2010
  • jferino
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    All 6 versions did not run on my XP Pro SP3. Disappointed and had to uninstal.

    Posted 02/11/2010
  • oid-2776741
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    Sadly, it really slows down my computer.

    Posted 01/23/2010
  • rizlaa
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Please can the Developers junk the useless and hated V.6 and just improve the already excellent V.5. V.6 is a lost and pointlessly expensive waste of time. No one wants it. V.5 was, and still is after all these years, a gem. Everyone I know uses V.5. Please, consider tweaking V.5 to be a bit more 2014 and just shoot the lame duck V.6.

    Posted 09/29/2009
  • kissaki
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    Program crashed when trying open the data selection dialog when creating a new task. Win7 x64, v6.

    Posted 09/13/2009