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Changelog: 1. Google Docs integration - files attached to record can be now opened, edited and saved back to the system using Google Docs - online multiuser collaboration on files possible - support for .doc and .csv files 2. New translate system - context translations abandoned - a phrase has now only one translation, no matter how many times and where it is used - some phrases that should be translated now correctly tagged for translating - some phrases that shouldn't be translated excluded from translating - overall quality of labels improved - central dictionary created - script added that gathers all strings, splits them by module and uses dictionary to create translations - new feature added allowing to send contributions to the central server directly from any installation - the way strings are marked for translation in the code revised 3. User management and permissions improvements - user creation without Contacts installed now works properly - several minor improvements for User Management added - UI improvements in Login Audit - Dashboard is now properly disabled for users that do not have required clearance - editing records without permission to some fields fixed - minor bug fixes in permissions-related methods - non admin users don't have access to EPESI Store settings from user settings panel 4. Multi company setup - there is no longer a separate Main Company for the whole system - employee privilege is set based on Access field in Contacts - Employees fields in various record sets now base their selection range on user's main company 5. Compatibility with various server and client software improved - compatibility of patches and lang with PHP versions below 5.2 improved - EPESI now installs and starts up in PHP 5.4 with strict errors enabled - compatibility issues with Postgre SQL databases resolved for e-mail client, EPESI Store and Record Browser - display issue for select/input fields in Firefox 9 fixed - automulti bug in Internet Explorer 9 fixed - minor display bugs in Chrome fixed - iPhone detection by Javascript added - automulti now works properly on iPad 6. Record Browser improvements - invalid 'param' attribute error fixed - search by calculated field bug fixed - option to sort by id added - update of calculated fields fixed - explicit sort by id as second parameter allowed - sorting by Favorites improved - browsing parameters are now always stored in session - a check for submited form values is now always properly executed - field parameters are properly updated when edited using admin panel - info about QF errors is displayed on tabs - a user setting added that controls at how many records auto-select is used instead of select - QF/display callback editor fixed - label creation query optimized - table name is now used when caption not present in RB Admin - linked label creation fixed - suggestions box for automulti fields fixed - print permissions added - print button repositioned - minor print issues resolved - an issue with updating records fixed - checkbox field fixed - a bug in new record creation fixed 7. E-mail handling and Roundcube integration fixes and improvements - an e-mail archived in EPESI now have "reply", "reply all" and "forward" options - deleting an e-mail link to a record now results in that e-mail deletion from archive only if it is the last link pointing to that e-mail - display of associated records under archived e-mail improved - EPESI user field in e-mail accounts is now hidden for non-admin users - an option to send record's file attachments by e-mail added - option added to disable EPESI archive directiories - MIME types suppport in Roundcube improved - e-mail server configuration test added - protocol and port detection fixed 8. Minor graphical improvements - styles in StatusBar fixed - new record leightbox style in RB fixed - icons added to packages - style of multiple tab in tabbed browser improved - a bug in filters leightbox style fixed - info icon added in activity reports - minor improvements in top bar styling - info icon for meetings in Activities fixed - style of messenger alerts improved - BaseBox html template fixed - Shoutbox full screen view repaired - reports template fix - minor style improvements in Record Browser - display images displayed directly in checkbox, with alternate text if image is not available - attachment history layout improved 9. Minor features and improvements added - overlay added that prevents clicking buttons during loading - PDF files are now opened in new tab - registration form modified - autocomplete disabled in grid edit view - the "to" portion of the left-side time label in calendar removed - admin panel is now divided into sections - document source view added to ckeditor - server compatibility check script added - automulti no longer searches for contacts by company - some UI convenience features added - choosing RTL or LTR language display option added to setup - available modules are now refreshed after download in advanced view - several failsaves were added for various modules in order to improve stability 10. Minor bug fixes - recurring events now are displayed properly - errors in patches are now always handled and reported to user - Paste Company Info option in Contacts improved - Orders form in EPESI Store displays modules correctly - minor fixes for RTL support - printing customers' company name fixed in Agenda - month view bug fixes in Calendar - new event for Watchdog is now always created when new note is added - sorting bug for UTF-8 characters fixed in Common Data - several installation and first run bugs fixed - records per page selection fixed in Generic Browser - several Epesi Store problems related to needed modules array fixed - dot numeric separator in regional settings fixed - and others 11. Changes in platform and libraries - calendar rewritten, now uses jQuery - Roundcube source moved to another folder, because of issues with apache mod rewrite - Attachments addon created automatically via Utils/Attachments should now add Watchdog category automatically - phpgacl removed, replaced with custom solution - TCPDF updated to 5.9 - object wrapper for Record Browser added - create_html_form function added - default order by in RB show_data now accepts Fav and Edited on - get_access arguments in RB cleaned - support for boolean values in update_record added - support for icons by url added to ActionBar - support for target attribute in Menu fixed - Autoloader is enabled for classes in modules directory 12. Documentation etc. - installation instructions moved to docs directory - installation instructions in Polish added - permissions help files added - ContactUs - changed to Forum - links to EPESI website updated - added link to registration in EPESI Store
Source: README, updated 2012-10-31