Web CRM application to store, organize and manage business records

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EPESI is a CRM web application for managing business information: store, organize, process, link and share records between people within a single company or organization.

The standard features include CRM modules like shared calendar, tasks and address book, an integrated e-mail client Roundcube and unique solutions like advanced permission system, easy form filling (Click2Fill), record change tracking (Watchdog) and full record history.

EPESI CRM is built on top of a high level PHP/Ajax framework with modular design that can be easily customized and modified to match your processes and workflow. The EPESI framework allows rapid development of custom modules and extending functionality of the basic CRM package into full ERP application.

Examples of modules created with EPESI CRM:
List Manager
Campaign Manager
Inventory Management System
Project Tracking for Construction Industry
Medical Records Management System
Scheduling and Attendance Tracking for school


  • EPESI (a.k.a epesiBIM) • FREE • Open Source CRM
  • Multiuser, multilanguage with UTF-8 support
  • Shared contacts, calendar, tasks, phone calls
  • 100% web based
  • Unlimited notes and file attachments
  • Advanced record history
  • Unique Click2Fill data entry
  • Unique Watchdog module to monitor modified records
  • RoundCube mail client
  • epesi PHP/AJAX framework included
  • Custom fields
  • Modular design
  • Advanced Recordset Permissions system
  • EPESI Store - browse, install extensions with few clicks
  • Small, lightweight, fast
  • Intuitive user interface

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Powerfull, but easy to use - great job done folks! :)

Posted 09/19/2013
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Great, maybe not the fastest, but easy to use yet powerful CRM system. Ready to use right away after installation. Also customizing it is not so hard - all you need to is just take a look on default installed modules and write your own.

Posted 09/19/2013
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Great software! It does what I need, and it is easy to use. The devs have managed to make lots of features accessible from a simple to use interface. One thing I look at with FOSS is how long the project has been active. Epesi has been actively developed for a long time. The devs are in it for the long haul. Epesi is rock solid, and so are the people behind it!

Posted 09/19/2013
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This is the absolute best CRM out there. I have used Sugar and VTiger. All of those are extremely difficult to program. This software is extremely user-friendly. If you are looking for a CRM, look no further because this is it! As with any new development there is a bug here are there but nothing compared to the limitations and hacking that has to go on in other CRM's to get them to work. Biggest downfall on this is lack of support however the software is sooooooooooo easy to use that I didn't need support to set it up, correct any modsec issues on the server, install addons, or to begin using this actively within my business. Most of the addons are free. The others that people worked extremely hard on you have to pay for but nothing compared to what you pay on other CRM's. (I am guessing the 1 star reviews are bots. nobody in their right mind would give this software 1 star!)

Posted 09/19/2013
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Excellent Software!!!! Very Easy to Use.We Like This Model Very Much... Using This Model We Easily Tracked the Records...Thanks So Much

Posted 09/19/2013
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