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Discover a new way to enjoy your videoconsoles in Windows. Now with ROM Launcher, backups, achievements and much more. Enjoy playing, enjoy emulating.

Emulators: PlayStation 1 (ePSXe), PlayStation 2 (PCSX), PSP (PPSSPP), Wii (Dolphin), GameCube (Dolphin), DS (DeSmuME), Nintendo (Project64), GBA (NO$GBA), MegaDrive (gens), SNES, NES and Dreamcast.

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  • New interface, modern and easy to use.
  • Emulators are downloaded only if you are going to use it (Online Installer).
  • Added achievement feature. Completing objectives will unlock achievements. And the achievements have rewards!
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Emulatorx ROM Launcher. ROM files can now be started from the application, without starting each emulator separately.
  • With backups! We have developed a backup system so you don't lose your saved games.
  • Emulatorx Pro, a new funcionality that allows you to improve your experience with emulators.
  • Emulatorx Live. We do not want you to stay without playing, so we have developed a funcionality to prevent problems from the official servers of the emulators.


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  • unclejedty
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    It appears to have great potential. Unfortunately for me there are 2 strikes against it on my first two tries. Successful and clean install (I believe - haven't experienced any junkware or homepage redirects). However the first emulator I installed was SNES, and although it appeared to install just fine, nothing happens when I tell it to run. So then I tried NES - that installed and opened fine. The first game I ran, however, had problems with the controller buttons. Pressing the right, down, and B button at the same time did not produce any results in game. Going left, down, and B worked just fine. So just weird. Uninstalling and will try another one. --Just a quick update. It appears the keyboard issues are not the fault of the emulator, but rather bad drivers on my laptop (dang Vaio has to install system drivers in a specific order on clean OS installs). At any rate, the fact still remained that the SNES didn't work).

    Posted 02/17/2015
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