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THX to Pryd -=/ PryDevServer| 4 The Community Repack Version 3b |2010 \=- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Die Original-Daten liegen hier: SF.net/projects/prydevserver SVN! TrinityDB: 10366 TDB 335.11.35 Script Version TDBAI 335.0.2 TrintyCore: 10569 -- Core Player Bots: Ah Bot enhanced can sell glyphs! Icecrown Citadel, Eye of Eternity, Ruby Sanctum, + more!.. Thanks goes out to Lojak and Naygath for the player bots & ahbot! TrintyCore: 10341 -- Hinzugefügt über 40.000 Extra Gameobjects Note you will still need to find the mpq's / dbc files to use them! -- In this release expect Pryds Guild House Master to return from the grave. It has, once again, been re-written to the new standards by Pryd so look for v2b coming soon.. The Guild Master features an NPC that can buy / sell guild houses. Only 1 unique land per guild meaning, 1 guild can own GM ISland and only 1 Guild. :D Also I've tested and ensured that the SELL option works perfectly after the final conversions. An SQL is included for those that use their own databases or prefer to see how it's done otherwise the guildmaster will already be in the updated world database for v2b. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Deutsche Übersetzung GMTB: https://gt-db.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gt-db SVN! GMTB: 10366 Rev. 71 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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