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Installing ELIA on Windows __________________________ 1) Download and run latest version of elia_0.00.00.exe 2) Allow self-extraction to default directory C:\Program Files\ELIA 3) Open Windows Explorer and navigate to install directory 4) Review license epl-v10.html (double-click) 5) Run setup.bat (double-click it) 6) Ensure Java JRE is installed, version 1.6 or higher - check by typing "java -version" in Command Prompt - download from http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp Running ELIA on Windows _______________________ 1) Organize Tobii/E-Prime *.gazedata files for an experiment into a single directory with no other *.gazedata files. 2) Open a Command Prompt. 3) Use "cd" to navigate to experiment directory: e.g. >cd "c:\documents and Settings\ian\desktop\my experiment" 4) Copy template experiment.properties from c:\Program Files\ELIA to experiment directory: >copy "d:\program files\elia\experiment.properties" 5) Edit experiment.properties as appropriate for your experiment. e.g. >notepad experiment.properties 6) run ELIA >elia
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