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eCryptfs Parser is a GUI for Linux and Windows that recursively parses the headers of every eCryptfs file found in a given directory. It will tell you what encryption algorithm was used, the original filesize, signature used etc

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  • GUI runs in both Linux and Windows systems. Envisaged uses in Windows is with regard to the extraction of such files from a forensic image of disk.
  • Recursively explores every header of every eCryptfs file found in a given directory
  • Optional choice to SHA1 hash the files, or not
  • Calculates the original size of the file, before it was encrypted
  • Calculates header extent sizes
  • Calculates the encryption algorithm used (3DES, AES, Blowfish etc)
  • Displays what salt was used for the key generation
  • Signature of the File Encryption Key, to tie the ownership to a particular user
  • Full rendering of the whole header, with ability to copy and paste the whole grid to spreadsheet
  • Released under GNU with source code provided
  • Ability to export the results to CSV text file or HTML file for web browser


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