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Here is an overview of changes for each release: Release 0.8.0 (2012-09-11) -------------------------- ( for a "new & noteworthy page" see ) 2012-07 - 2012-09, cuhiodtick: - Fix: weird memory leak in ResourceBundleEditor by removing a selectionProvider on dispose we never registered ourselves... - Fix: memory leak in ResourceFactory - Fix: Bugs 2986394 and 1967702: reload editor content on external changes - Fix: Bug 1777814: plugin does not respect the actual properties file syntax - Fix: Bug 1711869: Error message 'Save Failed:null' when saving - Fix: Bug 3563327: Unnecessary removing of a value of existing key - Fix: PropertiesParser: huge performance improvement by reusing Patterns instead of re-compiling them all the time - Fix: caching of font family names - Fix: improved drawing performance of tree expand operation - New: implemented find action - New: registered find next and find previous actions - New: added two preference options: auto-adjust height and minimum editor height, made auto-adjust true by default - New: editor font configurable - New: improve vertical scrolling with the mouse wheel on win32 - New: selection is not cleared anymore on lost focus - New: set increment and page increment for vertical scrollbar to sensible values - New: if the user types or pasted an existing key into the "add text" box, the key is selected in the tree and its values are loaded - New: sort order of locales based on display name of the locale 2007-09-30, fleque: - Fixes for patch to support loading of resources from fragments. 2007-09-14, fleque: - Included patch to support loading of resources from fragment plug-ins (normal + nl). 2007-09-12, nl_carnage: - Fixed a focus/selection-bug - Corrected german translations - Added filter text field for key tree 2007-09-11, nl_carnage: - Added rudimentary keyboard support for I18nPage: ENTER (+Shift) goes to the next (previous) key, TAB (+Shift) goes to the next (previous) BundleEntryComposite - Added selection synchronisation between source editors and bundle editor. - Added basic undo/redo functionality for BundleEntryEditors by changing the widget used from swt.Text to jface.TextViewer. 2007-09-11, fleque: - Creating a new locale is now done without closing the editor - Actions in tree context menu now added by menu manager and enable/disable depending on tree selection Release 0.7.7 (2007-02-06) -------------------------- - Fix: Upon saving, the last tree selection is kept (the tree is otherwise redrawn, which is something to be fixed in a future release). - Fix: Deleting a key now updates the tree properly. Release 0.7.6 (2007-02-04) -------------------------- - New: Chinese plugin translation added. - New (feature #1333822): Added Preferences option not to save empty keys (now default behaviour). - New: Outline view of keys. - New: Option to hide key navigation in editor (in preferences). - New: Can now filter keys to show only missing translations. - New (feature 1487280): Added getResourceManager() to ResourceBundleEditor class. - New: Added Hong Kong country flag. - New (patch #1601774): Automatically changes fonts to display Asian (and other) characters properly. - Fix (bug #1568674): creating a new locale file now throws proper exception when the file already exists (as opposed to overwriting content. - Fix: (bug #1538787): Trailing whitespaces in values are not longer trimmed (leading spaces still are). - Fix: Removing a key in a properties file no longer removes it from main key tree if the key exists in other files. Release 0.7.5 (2006-04-22) -------------------------- - Fix (bug #1455517): No more ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. - Fix to work on Eclipse 3.2RC1. Discussion at: Release 0.7.4 (2006-02-09) -------------------------- - New: Portuguese/Brazilian translation added. - Fix (bug #1427638) Backslashes are no longer escaped when not converting unicode values. - Fix (bug #1414470) Value with leading spaces now have the first leading space escaped when written to file. - Fix (bug #1395662) Added missing Italian and Japanese languages files. - Fix (bug #1359651) Fixed invalid parsing of escaped characters (e.g. \n\r\t) showing near the end of lines. - Key navigation tree now independent of localized field scrolling (when there are too many for the screen). - Added description to ResourceBundle wizard and fixed a few typos. Release 0.7.3 (2005-12-17) -------------------------- - New: Italian plugin translation added. - New: Japanese plugin translation added. - Fix (bug #1369313): No longer create separate editor instances when creating properties files. - Fix (bug #1369312): Fixed an english typo. - Fix (bug #1369272): Background for key.gif and keyCommented.gif now transparent. - Fix (bug #1369267): The "New ResourceBundle" wizard no displays proper message when no folder is selected. - Fix (bug #1369260): The "variant" text field no longer appears squeezed on some platforms. Release 0.7.2 (2005-10-21) -------------------------- - New: Norwegian plugin translation added. - Fix (bug #1312643 and #1326580): No longer drop some characters when saving. - Fix (bug #1285026): SWT resources no longer leaking. - Fix (bug #1310626): Backslashes are now escaped properly when saved to file. - Fix (bug #1312638): Keys with special characters can now be renamed and copied successfully. Release 0.7.1 (2005-09-03) -------------------------- - New (feature #1219758): Clicking on a file search result entry will now highlight the corresponding matches in the right properties file. - Fix (bug #1276347): Great performance improvement on large files. Release 0.7.0 (2005-08-28) -------------------------- - New: German plugin translation added. - New (feature #1219647): Changes on key tree structure are now dynamic (the tree is no longer re-generated, which resulted in losing expanded/collapsed information. - New: Added "Copy" feature to key tree contextual menu. - New: Added "Comment" feature to key tree contextual menu. - New: Added "Expand All/Collapse All" features to key tree contextual menu. - New (feature #1216393): Matching keys are now highlighted in navigation tree as you type text in the text field below it. - New: Default key tree display mode (hierarchical vs flat) is now configurable. - New: Default key tree expended state is now configurable. - New (feature #1218467): Localized text fields tab key behaviour is now configurable. - New (feature #1218322): You can now chose to have unicode encoded hexadecimal letters uppercase or lowercase. - New (feature #1218320): You can now chose whether to have spaces around equals signs in generated properties files. - New (feature #1115778): Existing comments are now preserved. - New (feature #1211728): Added "Comment/Uncomment" features to key tree contextual menu. - New: Added button for each localized text boxed to go to corresponding "source" editor. - New: Duplicate keys can now be reported. - New (feature #1200455): Similar entries can now be reported. - Change (feature #1266627): Unicode characters are now (un)escaped by default. - Improved resource management (Fonts and Images are now disposed after usage). - Double-clicking on a key tree group will now expand/collapse it instead of offering to rename. - Minimum text box size for key values is now a big bigger. - Key tree now always expanded by default. - The "Add" button for adding new keys is now disabled when the corresponding text represents an existing key. - Warning icons are now grey when a key has at least one child with a missing key but is not missing one itself. - A new preference page was added for formatting-related preferences. - Now loads commented properties (double ## key/value lines). - A tree key with at least one commented localized entry now shows as grey. - A checkbox was added to localized text fields to comment/uncomment keys. Content shows as grey when commented. - Key groups not representing existing keys are now shown as italic. - Commented entries are now shown with grey text and grey keys. - Better detection of NL vs Standard structure when opening files. - Fix (bug #1233610): No longer throws NullPointerException in some cases when preference "Support Eclipse "nl" structure..." is selected. - Fix (bug #1240858): Malformed \uxxxx encoding in properties files no longer triggers an exception when opening files and more special characters are better escaped/unescaped. Release 0.6.0 (2005-05-24) -------------------------- - New: Wizard for creating new resource bundle. - New (feature #1163003): Can now add a locale (properties file) from an open ResourceBundle editor. - New: Support for Eclipse "nl" structure for I18N of plugin development. - New (feature #1160110): Escaped new line character style is now configurable (UNIX/Windows/Mac). - New (feature #1160096): Lines in properties files can wrap after escaped new line characters (configurable). - New: Spanish plugin translation added. - New (feature #1160118): "Generated By..." comment now optional (preferences). - Now supports three-letter ISO languages in properties file locales. - Fix (bug #1195518): Files with the same start names (with an underscore) no longer cause the wrong set of files to be open (e.g. "" and ""). - Fix (bug #1201355): It is now impossible to add content in fields representing read-only files. Release 0.5.4 (2005-03-08) -------------------------- - Fix (bug #1126175): New line and carriage return characters are now always escaped (as '\n' and '\r') when saved, and unescaped when loaded. Release 0.5.3 (2005-03-06) -------------------------- - Fix (bug #1154785): Saving now saves the content of a text field currently being modified (having focus) and the asterisk gets displayed accordingly. - Fix (bug #1154785): No longer throws NullPointerException when clicking Add or updating the properties files in other ways while there are some empty values. - Fix (bug #1116119): Short keys with equal sign at position 1 in properties files are now being recognized and loaded properly. - Fix (bug #1126175): New line characters ('\n') for values are now converted to spaces while carriage returns ('\r') are simply removed. Release 0.5.2 (2005-01-31) -------------------------- - New (feature #1099520): Eclipse 3.1 (M4+) users can now enjoy the new Eclipse Properties File Editor, for the "plain" editor tabs of the ResourceBundle Editor. - Fix (bug #1112881): The plugin is no longer loading more properties files than it should in some circomstances. Release 0.5.1 (2005-01-07) -------------------------- - Icon for key groups is now the same as single keys (this resolves some inconsistencies). - Fix (bug #1097273): UI labels are now present. Release 0.5.0 (2004-12-28) -------------------------- - New (feature #1075305): Added to preferences options to convert extended characters to/from encoded unicode equivalent. - New: French plugin translation added. - New: Added icons to editor bottom tabs. - Small changes: Modified editor top tab icon, modified editor top tab text. Release 0.4.0 (2004-12-10) -------------------------- - New: Added several configuration/formating options, available from the plugin preference page, added to "Window/Preferences". Mainly, how to group keys and line wrapping options. - New: Now displaying country flags, when speficied in properties file name (in the Locale extension). Release 0.3.1 (2004-12-05) -------------------------- - New: The textbox to add a new key now has its content matching selected key. - Fix: Now working with Eclipse 3.1 (tested with 3.1 M4). Release 0.3.0 (2004-12-04) -------------------------- - New: Added popup menu to key tree for deleting/renaming items. - New: Can now toggle between flat and hierarchical view of keys. - New (feature #1075305): Header comments are now kept. - New: Added "Generated by" to header comment. - Fix: Warning icons are now being refreshed properly and no more NullPointerException when (un)emptying a key value. Release 0.2.0 (2004-12-02) -------------------------- - New: Warning icons are now displayed when a key is missing at least one value. - New: Icons are now used for reprenting keys and groups of keys. - New (feature #1075306): Now possible to rename and delete groups of key. - Fix (bug #1077596): When editing a value and clicking on a different key, the field value no longer gets saved under the newly selected key. Release 0.1.1 (2004-11-29) -------------------------- - Fix (bug #1075490): Values now always saved under the right key. - Fix (bug #1075485): Keys deleted in all editors now removed from tree. - Fix (bug #1075473 and #1075303): When a field is disabled, it is re-enabled upon selecting a valid key, whether the value for it is empty or not. Release 0.1.0 (2004-11-28) -------------------------- - Initial development release.
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