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ECL : The Esterel-C Language and Compiler The ECL (Esterel-C Language) project is a system-level specification research project originating at Cadence Berkeley Laboratories. The language is ANSI-C with some additional Esterel-inspired constructs for specifying reactivity (signal communication, pre-emption, and concurrency). The ECL compiler splits the ECL source code into Esterel and C portions. Depending on the target specified, it may then run other programs (e.g. Esterel, xes, C-compiler) to transform the original ECL file into pure C code, or Esterel-simulation code, or C-code for import to VCC, Cadence's system-level design tool. XECL is the graphical user interface for ECL. This distribution contains all the source code, regression tests, and LaTeX documentation. In this directory: EXHIBITA.txt and LICENSE.txt contain licensing information for ECL. Please read these files carefully as your download of this code implies your compliance with the license. CHANGELOG : summary information about the evolution of the ECL code. Makefile : creates the zip file for distribution. doc/ : LaTeX documentation sources script/ : scripts used in ECL compilation src/ : the ECL compiler source (java) test/ : several examples, and a suite of regression tests. util/ : the JFlex and JavaCup sources for the lexer and parser. xecl/ : the XECL source (java) The documentation in html form can be found in doc/ecl_doc/html/ecl_doc/index.html. Mailing lists to be used: ecl-users@lists.sourceforge.net /* release announcements, etc */ ecl-devel@lists.sourceforge.net /* developers info */ ecl-vcc-users@lists.sourceforge.net /* VCC users of ECL */ ecl-vcc-devel@lists.sourceforge.net /* Maintainers of the VCC-ECL work, for private requests, etc */
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