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EBE - Easy Beginner Programming Environment Ebe is an integrated development environment targeting beginning programmers. It operates on a single source code file with very simple built-in rules for building a program for debugging. The program is automatically compiled when the user clicks on the Run button. Development environments for experienced programmers already exist and it might be senseless to develop another complex environment. Ebe arose from the author's experience teaching assembly language. There are a few features in ebe which directly address issues pertinent to teaching assembly. Downloading: Since I am using git to manage updates with SourceForge, it makes it simpler to download using the "Code" link on the ebe-ide pages. From there you can either clone the whole package or download the files individually. You will probably need to click on "master" on the left of the screen to see the individual files. SourceForge has recently given me a lot of "Error 500" messages when I click on "Code". Reloading will fix it (hopefully). Features: Languages: C (gcc), C++ (g++), Fortran (gfortran), assembly (yasm) Editing features: Cut/copy/paste Find/replace Goto first/last line, top/bottom of screen, specific line Movement with arrow keys and with control-arrow combinations Center current line on the screen Find/replace dialog Undo/redo stack - 100 levels Automatic indentation Tab set at 4 column increments Control-Tab deletes back to previous tab position Comment/uncomment selected lines Indent/unindent selected lines Page Up/Down Scrolling with scrollbars or mouse wheel Deleting words with Ctrl-Del or Ctrl-Backspace Easy font size changes using keypad +/- Syntax highlighting: Syntax highlighting for C/C++, Fortran and assembly Implemented using regular expressions processed through the lex.py code from ply.py from David Beazley. This makes this code quite robust. Debugging features: Uses gdb internally Function parameters displayed Local variables displayed Can mark a variable name and create a user-defined variable Can mark an address and create a user-defined variable Single-stepping Breakpoints set using right clicks in the editor Next line to execute is highly visible when debugging Help features: Tooltips for most items on the screen Help menu with several help screens Template programs: Hello world programs can be loaded for C, C++, Fortran and assembly Installation: Requires python, gcc, g++, gdb, gfortran and yasm installed in the path. Simply place the files from here in a directory on the path.
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