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This is the latest release of the ixgbe driver for Linux, which supports kernel versions up through 2.6.38. changes in this release: - Limit VF access to network traffic - Disable packet split for 82599 - RPM spec file clean up - Fix Rx of jumbo frames with SR-IOV enabled - Cleanup of support addition/removal of ntuple filters - Add checks to guard against fake Tx hangs due to Xoff packets - Fix typos in README - Add _GFP_NOWARN to alloc_skb() to avoid OOM killer - Update support for X540 - Report PCIe bandwidth in gigatransfers instead of gigabytes - Support for Dell CEM - Update copyright - Fix setting and reporting of advertised speeds via ethtool - Update handling of Flow Director hash and perfect filters - Reduce the verbosity of the driver at boot - Update VF Tx rate limit restrictions - Use usleep_range() instead of msleep() for time periods <20ms - Allow DCB and perfect filers to co-exist
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