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Changelog for igb-4.2.16 ======================== * update NVM functions to display NVM versions correctly in ethtool -i. * add ability to configure anti-spoofing mode via iproute2. * Add new i350 devices. * Add new I210 devices. * Allow room for jumbo frames if MAX_SKB_FRAGS is less than 8. * Add fix for I210/I211 to allow link to actually happen before reporting. * Free memory when dma mapping failed. * Enable EEE link partner advertisement support. * Drop BUILD_BUG_ON call from igb_build_rx_buffer. * Since RSS is supported in MSI-X interrupt mode only, need to check for this mode before processing RSS module param request and log appropriate message. * Add conditionals for extended ethtool ops on RHEL6. * Increase TX_WAKE_THRESHOLD to keep it in sync with our other drivers. * Drop unnecessary check for LRO flag when LRO queue will be empty if LRO is disabled. * Use rx/tx_itr_setting when setting up initial value of itr * Add support for SW timestamping. * Add timeout for PTP Tx work item, * Add mechanism for detecting latched hardware Rx timestamp * Added in-kernel I2C interface implementation for thermal sensor and changed sysfs reporting to hwmon. * Free any held skb that should have been timestamped on remove. * Dropped the use of the hardware packet-split feature in favor of a page based receive. * TSO now checks for CHECKSUM_PARTIAL before checking for gso_size * Several changes to refactor driver for improved performance.
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