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Changelog for igb-4.0.17 ======================== * Add support for i210/i211 devices. * Minor EEE code simplification. * Add support for DEFINE_DMA_UNMAP_ADDR and DEFINE_DMA_UNMAP_LEN * Fix minor issue that leaves one additional buffer unused * Port the community code for PHY setting being lost after PHY power down. * Port the community code for byte queue limits (BQL) support. * Port community code for basic runtime PM support. * Fix for connection speed mistmatch after bringing device down/up * Add driver support for additional i350-based devices. * Modified fiber media type speed/autoneg code to accomodate 100Mbps for 100baseFXsfp. * Fix for ethtool states pause frame use 'no' for pause frame-enabled adapter * Change to remove the adapter->node value from the adapter struct and disable node specific allocations. This was rejected by the community some time ago and since then has been causing problems when node specific allocations fail. * Fix for problem where 82580 devices do not appear to properly clear the TSICR interrupt on read like i350 devices by explicitly acknowledging the interrupt by writing 1 to that bit. * Fix for FC threshold setting cause poor performance when packet buffer size is increased. * Clean up and restructure ethtool support for EEE, to enable and disable the feature according to user's specification * Update method of storing and displaying nvm version info for all devices. * Update the filters to be more consistent with what the driver wants to do. For example, for devices that timestamp all packets, report that the filter is set for timestamping all packets. * Change tncrs implementation only increment tncrs for non-i210/i211 parts, due to reporting error. * Fix flow control set up issue for Fiber adapters.
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-10-16