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DVDx 4 SOURCE CODE ================== Updated by Starbuck <starbuck@labdv.com> August 20th, 2014 As of DVDx 4.1 release, DVDx 4 uses L-GPL'd copyleft'd code as well as labDV copyright'd code and it's extremely difficult to get a clean open source code tarball which complies with both licensing. To follow on people request, as of release, I've started to clean up the mess and to publish L-GPL'd source code. Most of them should compile with a proper Qt5/C++ SDK installation on Windows platform, some on Linux and OS X too, but some of them will require to comment lines and to somehow hack the .pro files. Part of this L-GPL'd code is also used in Strabuck's FreePlayer project and evolution isn't defined yet because I'm building a new set of libraries to be much more easily used in GPL'd as well as in proprietary licensed projects. If you want to contribute to L-GPL'd libraries, feel free to contact me.
Source: README-SRC, updated 2014-08-22