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DubEdit allows to edit the Video and the Audio channels of a media though the combination of layers that can be sources (video, picture, parametric shape, audio track, etc...), filters (resize, contrast, transparency, amplify, etc...) and mixers. All filters can be adjusted using parameters that may vary with the time in the media, either based on automatic curves between key frames or driven by formulas like in a spreadsheet.
Ergonomic interface (including performance) is an important driver in designing DubEdit: every operation is undoable, all video editing is WYSIWYG.
At this time DubEdit has only basic filters and mixers. But it has been designed to be easily extended with new powerful filters and mixers so that it can becomes capable of virtually any possible editing.
Only DubEdit Libraries are available on SourceForge. You will find the DubEdit Program on http://dubedit.free.fr/Download (it does not match SourceForge OpenSource requirements)

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  • Import media AVI, WAV, JPEG, PNG, TGA
  • Export AVI, WAV
  • Exported and imported AVI and WAV can be compressed using any VFW codec available on the computer
  • Filters currently available: Transparency, Contrast & Brightness (global or per composite color), Offset, Resize
  • Sources currently available: Text, Shape (filled rectangle or ellipse) and imported media Video or Audio chanels
  • Mixers currently available: Simple audio mixer with master audio gain, Simple video mixer.
  • Every source, filter or mixer parameter can be controlled, by setting its numeric or textual value, by sliding a cursor inside the parameter range, by draging handle on video preview when this parameter controls some position on the video or by defining formulas combining value or other attribute of other parameters
  • All operations can be undone or redone including selection modification
  • No limit on filter/mixer combinations organized in a tree of layers
  • Real time Audio Video preview of the editing


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