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DraftCable 1.09 26/11/2014 ========== IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION FOR WINDOWS 7 AND WINDOWS 8 Execute as administrator Right clic DraftCable.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Run as administrator BUGS 1.09.4 1. Sheets saved as A3 are loaded again as A4. 2. Solved bug that filtered pins with same name on loading, when placing units 3. Solved bug that causes all shapes to be selected when you select framec rectangle in part edition mode. DRAWING ENGINE 1.09.4 1.09.3 1.09.2 1. Improved fill for ellipses 2. Improved fill for units FUNCTIONAL 1.09.4 1.09.3 1.09.2 1. Generation of list of materials 2. Improvements in page properties dialog NEW FEATURES 1.09.1 1. Non Modal Place Part Dialog. Drag and drop support from list controls and thumbnail to main view. 2. Properties added to wires and/or connectors 3. UML properies added 1.09 1. Included basic support for SVG files read/write 2. Gradient fill of shapes 3. Included basic support for rotate shapes 4. Included new libraries: Pipes and Passive components DraftCable 1.08 28/04/2014 ========== DRAWING ENGINE 1.Solved bug in repaiting while resizing shapes from left side 2.Solved bug while resing shapes from NE handler 3.Improved drawing of polylines when resizing-moving 4.Improved erasing of shapes 5.Added double-click event to close polyline 6.Added poly arc shape to allow drawing of rounded rectangles, for example 7.Solved a bug that maked polylines and other kinds of shaphes to disappear if resizing to negatives values (resizing from right side passing from zero width and then to the left) 8.Solved a bug that maked polylines not to take mirror image if resizing to negatives values 9.Solved bug that causes program crash when placing 'T', 'L' polygons. FUNCTIONAL 1.Improved engine to prevent connecting a wire from and to same unit pin, if you click and release left button on the same point. 2.Translated menus to English. 3.Added new librarty: Flowchart 4.Global variable to store working library: when place component is open, working library is automatically selected in select box. DraftCable 1.07 20/02/2013 ========== ENGINE 1.Solved bugs when clicking outside schematic drawing area 2.Solved bug to allow change connector of parts placed in schematics 3.Solved bug generating cable sheets DraftCable 1.04 30/04/2013 ========== ENGINE 1.Solves problem when double-click a wire. SETUP 1.Associates .dd1 file type with application. DraftCable 1.03 23/04/2013 ========== ENGINE 1.Improvements working with Telephony Bridges (TB) 2.Improvements at generating Netlist DRAWING ENGINE 1.Improved buffer when moving labels DraftCable 1.02 01/04/2013 ========== ENGINE 1.Solves crass when pressing CTRL+z after placing one shape 2.Solves problem when going into rack editing mode DRAWING ENGINE 1.Improved border 2.Improved part edit border appearance 3.Improved erasing engine (when moving parts), less full repaint DraftCable 1.01 16/03/2008 ========== 1.This version has some improvements in rotations. 2.Also added sample projects to installer version & help file.
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