Dolibarr ERP - CRM, open web software to manage your business

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Dolibarr ERP - CRM is an easy to use ERP and CRM open source software (run as web php or standalone) for small to mid-sized businesses, foundations or freelancers (inventory, warehouse, order, invoice, shipment, POS, members for foundations, bank accounts...).

Dolibarr is also available with auto-installers for users with no technical knowledges to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisites (Apache, Mysql, PHP) with just one package. Available platforms for such packages are: Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Redhat, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva, Mageia. Other platform can use the generic distribution.

This is a modular product, than can be enhanced with tons of external modules (to provide you features not available by default) from http://www.dolistore.com

Download Dolibarr ERP - CRM here or sign up for 15-day free trial of the cloud-based application with free updates and support at one of the Cloud providers http://saas.dolibarr.org/


  • Contacts, customers and suppliers management
  • Products management
  • Invoices management
  • Orders management
  • Contracts management
  • Agenda
  • Foundations management module
  • Point of sale
  • Project management and gantt charts
  • Bank account management, concilitation
  • Ledger
  • Stock management
  • Mass emailings
  • Management of employees leave requests
  • LDAP integration
  • Links to ecommerce
  • Import/Export wizards
  • A lot of other external modules (technical interfaces or business features)
  • Installer for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/Redhat/OpenSuse or online Server

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Excellent one !!. Easy to install and use.


Lowest Rated

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It was not possible to add a new client order. In addition I encountered several server errors including a page returning some font error (sic) and other errors including this TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: arialunicid0. Overall it seems they do not get the product to work on their own server. Too bad as it looked promising.

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What a superb tool to enable a small startup like mine to have enterprise level applications. I run my business with Dolibarr and I am very grateful to all the developers. Peter

Posted 09/12/2014
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Excellent one !!. Easy to install and use.

Posted 06/10/2014
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Simple d'utilisation et d'intégration, notamment pour les développeurs.

Posted 06/04/2014
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What a Spectacular set of Tools that help so many business owners manage what matters. One quick word if I may to actioneco .. I'm sure he's the one that so many, nearly all avoid and would rather not be around. What is it like to live for the negative things. No - don't even start to answer.. because I absolutely don't wanna know. OK, just one more speculation on my part.. not only do very few seek out your company.. I'm guessing that you often Rank whatever it is that you happen to try to ruin.. what does it mean to you when I likely reveal that the majority of your rankings are 2's or less. - this is not meant to be exclusively a bashing, but also an opportunity.. but mostly a bashing. You get triple of whatever you give. - JohnT6421

Posted 03/21/2014
1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

Dolibarr es un desarrollo prometedor y totalmente vivo Tiene cosas que mejorar, pero su estructura modular y su sencilla programacion lo convierten en una opcion muy buena.

Posted 10/19/2013
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