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DMTCP version 2.1. has now been released. As before, it runs on most Linux distros, and supports both x86 and x86_64 (Intel/AMD for 32- and 64-bits), and 32-bit ARM (ARMv7). In addition, the older DMTCP version 1.2.x (currently 1.2.8) continues to be maintained, but on a bug-fix basis only. * CHANGE NEEDED FOR ALL PLUGINS: - If you have plugins that include "dmtcpplugin.h", they will now have to be changed to include "dmtcp.h". This is to reflect that "dmtcp.h" has more uses than just for plugins. * This new release includes: - some newly stable plugins - batch-queue, modify-env, ptrace (see below) - full support for 32-/64-bit multilib architecture. (see below) - other enhancements to the core feature set (see below) - adapting DMTCP to application requirements: removal of the old dmtcpaware interface in favor of the newer interface: test/plugin/applic-*ckpt/ (see below) - attempt to restore current working directory on restart (may be impossible if restart host has different filesystem) - 'dmtcp_coordinator --port-file <FILE>' causes coordinator to write the port - number on which it listens into FILE. This is useful in conjunction with 'dmtcp_coordinator --port 0', which starts a coordinator at a random unused port. - 'dmtcp_restart --ckptdir <DIR>' and 'dmtcp_restart_script.sh --ckptdir <DIR>' will change to a new directory to hold checkpoint images on restart. - 'dmtcp_restart --no-strict-uid-checking' or 'dmtcp_coordinator --no-strict-uid-checking' [ allows a user with a different uid to restart a checkpoint image; process uid will be changed to that of the new user ] - './configure --enable-run-as-root' [ self explanatory; normally running as root is bad practice ] - a new internal plugin to handle 'ssh' uniformly; Some corner cases in checkpointing MPI could have been affected by this. - some bug fixes related to the new plugin software architecture initiated with DMTCP 2.0 * SOME NEWLY STABLE PLUGINS: This release continues to emphasize the use of DMTCP plugins. The plugins are now organized into two top-level subdirectories: - plugin - plugin is built by './configure; make', but must be invoked, typically through command-line option of 'dmtcp_launch' - contrib - plugin not built; user must cd to the subdirectory of the plugin, build it, and invoke it with 'dmtcp_launch --with-plugin ...' - Plugins in the top-level plugin directory: + ptrace : 'dmtcp_launch --ptrace' a plugin to support checkpointing ptrace-based applications, notably including GDB. + batch-queue : 'dmtcp_launch --batch-queue' a resource manager plugin that supports the Torque/PBS and SLURM batch queue systems. (This plugin is now mature, and was renamed from 'rm' in DMTCP-2.0 to 'batch-queue' to better reflect its use.) [ improved in DMTCP 2.1 ] + modify-env : 'dmtcp_launch --modify-env' Normally, on dmtcp_restart, a process can see only the original environment variables in effect during dmtcp_launch or set by the process itself. It is common to wish to update these environment variables based on the environment on the restart host (e.g., DISPLAY=$DISPLAY). This can be set in a file dmtcp_env.txt . [ new in DMTCP 2.1 ] - The contrib plugins include: + condor : support for HTCondor, a framework for high throughput computing + kvm : checkpointing of a KVM virtual machine + tun : support for tun networking (as in Tun/Tap) between a virtual machine and the host machine + python : support for checkpoint/restart within a Python session + infiniband : checkpointing over InfiniBand networks supports OFED InfiniBand API. (Note: If you are using a newer release of OFED, you may wish to use the rewrite of this plugin, to be available from the svn in late January, 2014.) [ improved in DMTCP 2.1 ] + ib2tcp : support for checkpointing computation over InfiniBand and restarting over TCP. [ new in DMTCP 2.1 ] + ckptfile : example/template for a plugin to change the default directory to receive checkpoint images. This can be important when restarting on a new host. [ new in DMTCP 2.1 ] * FULL SUPPORT FOR 32-/64-bit MULTILIB ARCHITECTURE: The standard binary, dmtcp_launch, now supports both 32- and 64-bit programs. Further, a 64-bit program may invoke a 32-bit program and vice versa, as part of a single computation under DMTCP control. * OTHER ENHANCEMENTS TO THE CORE FEATURE SET: - For extremely malloc-intensive programs, run-time overhead from several per cent to 20% has been observed. This is due to DMTCP deadlock avoidance. (The glibc implementation of malloc uses a global lock, that can result in deadlock if a user invokes malloc inside a plugin during checkpoint or restart.) If a user program is not using malloc in a plugin during checkpoint, then the user can disable this DMTCP deadlock avoidance scheme with a flag: dmtcp_launch --disable-alloc-plugin A future modification to DMTCP may remove this issue entirely. * ADAPTING DMTCP TO APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS AND TO EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS: The old 'dmtcpaware' API is being removed in favor of: test/plugin/applic-*ckpt/ For details on this newer API, please read the QUICK-START file with this same heading: ADAPTING DMTCP TO ...
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