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Next release: DMDc x86_64 and i486/i686 pae
DMDc 3.5.5 (Testing) is a distro based on Debian Testing and MATE 1.8.
Distro with you need to get and Experience IL: Install and ready.
Live DvD Support multi language
Estimated install time: 7 minutes
New DMDc installer

User Name: dmdc
User and Root password: live

DMDc report Testing:
deb dmdc-testing main contrib non-free

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  • NEXT RELEASE DMDc 3.5.5: x86_64 and i486/i686 pae
  • New DMDc installer (With support for GPT disks)-Beta
  • Based fully on Debian Testing
  • Kernel 3.16-2 (DMDc 3.5.5)
  • System start: Systemd (A much more efficient and quick start)
  • Desktop MATE 1.8
  • Repository Debian Testing and DMDc (DMDc 3.5.5)
  • Added Update Manager support
  • Support Plymouth
  • LightDM
  • LibreOffice
  • Dropbox
  • Adeskbar (Dock)
  • Apwal (Launcher)
  • Support Compiz+Emerald
  • Skype, Jitsi (for DMDc 32 Bit)
  • Jitsi (for DMDc 64 Bit)
  • AutoScan Network
  • Designation default file associations
  • Designated Startup Applications for MATE
  • Replaced screensaver mate for Xscreensaver. See demo:
  • Interesting own tools
  • Support different appearance Caja-Root, Terminal-Root and Pluma-Root
  • Support opening Terminal and opening Root from the context menu Caja
  • Support Alt + F2 or F2 for sale Run (if using Marco)
  • Support F2 for sale Run (if using Compiz)
  • Great selection of Software
  • and more...
  • ---- Themes (based Greybird) and icons : -----
  • Theme DMDc Themes
  • Emerald DMDc Themes
  • Mouse Theme DMDc
  • Icons FaenzaWolfe
  • Support root Themes
  • Plymouth Theme
  • ::::::::::Videos DMDc::::::::
  • Splash (DMDc):
  • Splash (DMDc+):
  • MDM:
  • .
  • .
  • NOTE:
  • Fixed a fatal error is akin to most distributions --> /run/user/1000/dconf/user’: Permission denied
  • Solved Bash vulnerability
  • .
  • Tips:
  • The services offered at the start DMDC are basically services that are believed necessary. Anyway you can disable services on startup they are not needed. You should know that which can speed up boot by disabling unnecessary services system for you. If you want to know what services are the most time consuming after reboot run the following command in a terminal:
  • systemd-analyze blame | head
  • Then if you want you can disable services you do not need from via terminal with the following:
  • sudo systemctl disable 'service'
  • Example:
  • sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service


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