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v3.1.1.4 2015-06-04 1010 weekly downloads
v3.1.1.4-rc2 2013-06-01 22 weekly downloads
v3.1.1.4-rc1 2013-05-27 11 weekly downloads
v3.1.1.3 2012-11-20 11 weekly downloads
v3.1.1.2 2012-10-06 11 weekly downloads
v3.1.1.1 2012-06-13 11 weekly downloads
v3.1.1 2010-11-30 11 weekly downloads
v3.1.0 2010-08-30 22 weekly downloads
v3.0.18 2010-05-26 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.17 2010-05-09 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.16 2010-02-12 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.15 2009-12-02 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.14 2009-02-03 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.13 2008-12-16 22 weekly downloads
v3.0.12 2008-06-20 22 weekly downloads
v2.0.9.3 2008-03-31 11 weekly downloads
v3.0.11 2008-03-31 11 weekly downloads
To download a tool, navigate to the tool folder and latest version and then click on the zip file to obtain the tool. * DDS - The Digital Discovery System is an XML repository and search server built with Lucene. * DCS/NCS - The Digital Collection System / NSDL Collection System is a flexible XML-driven tool that provides a metadata editor, collection workflow processes, and a role-based permission system in support of distributed and collaborative collections management. * jOAI is an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) data provider and harvester that enables existing systems and databases to provide matadata via OAI-PMH and to harvest metadata to the file system. These tools are developed by Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) and National Science Digital Library - Technical Network Services (NSDL-TNS), University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) with support by the National Science Foundation (NSF) http://dlsciences.org/ http://www.nsdl.org/ http://www.ucar.edu/ http://nsf.gov/
Source: README-dls-overview.txt, updated 2010-12-01