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======================================================================== Version 1.3.0, by Aleksey Cheusov, Sun, Sun, 10 Apr 2011 17:44:10 +0300 Only maa's symbols are exported from libmaa shared library (export.sym). 'libtool -export-symbols' is used for this to work. | DUE TO THIS IN ORDER TO AVOID POTENTIAL ABI INCOMPATIBILITIES, I'VE INCREASED MAJOR VERSION OF THE SHARED LIBRARY. FIXED: when both stream/file and syslog logging facilities are enabled, log_info() and other logging functions segfault on NetBSD-5.1/x86_64. va_copy magic was needed to fix this problem. It is assumed that strchr(3) is always available (no autoconf check). The same for unistd.h header file. CFLAGS set by user may override default -Wall -Werror set for GCC. Fix for warning messages produced by SunPro compiler (integer overflow detected: op "<<") -c flag was added to INSTALL_DATA invocation FIXED: compilation error on CentOS-5.4 FIXED: "make test" failed on OpenBSD-3.8. This system defines intptr_t in inttypes.h, not in stdint.h
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