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New script dict_lookup for translating words and phrases from X selection. It makes sense to configure launching dict_lookup on a keyboard shortcut in the window manager. dictd: Fix for SHOW SERVER command (dict -I). On systems where sizeof(int) != sizeof (long) values in "Uncompressed" column may contain random garbage. This problem was seen on NetBSD/x86_64/5.1 Fix for sf bug #3098788 https://sf.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3098788&group_id=605&atid=100605 Regresson tests for dictzip were added. Fix in Makefile: non standard option for lex(1) was removed (This may unbreak compilation on SunOS, HP-UX...). dictfmt: Internal buffer size was increased from 10240 to 102400 bytes. Fixes for Tru64. Other minor fixes and cleanups
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