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This here is a Oracle Virtual Box image, packaged as an appliance to be downloaded and run anywhere. It was created on a 32-bit machine running XP and Oracle Virtual box 4.2.6. The OS is Debian Squeeze 6.0.7 i386 architecture. To use the box you'll need the following two users: user1/123qwe root/same as above NB: The regular user also has sudo privileges setup. This file exists, thanks to this guy, and his site: http://nixsrv.com/llthw http://nixsrv.com/llthw/ex0 [provides information about user/pass] He spent a lot of his personal time and effort setting up a site for people to learn Linux. Except he put up a 64 bit image for practice. For those like me, who still have 32bit machines, this is your fast track to getting up and running in no time. The md5sum for the above file is 85ab2066b7381af12b741a3d4dedf6c9 I hope it benefits people in the same way the tutorial does. Indeed, thanks must go for the tutorial, actually. Without that, this image is as pointless as an exercise as it gets. Ciao.
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