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DCEditor is a Java application for editing Dublin Core XML files, following the "Guidlines for Implementing DC in XML." These are found at http://www.dublincore.org/documents/dc-xml-guidelines/ It's compiled to the Java 1.5 class specification and uses the Swing API for its GUI. To launch, just double-click bin/dceditor.jar. It doesn't handle DC/RDF XML, which is more complicated. For that you should use a general purpose XML editor such as XML Spy or Oxygen. The current version is a barely out the door development version, so treat it with extreme care and back up any files you work on. Please report bugs on SourceForge under the DCEditor project. This application includes JDOM, provided under an open-source license by the JDOM project. (http://www.jdom.org) About the author: Gary McGath is a Digital Library Software Engineer at the Harvard University Library. This project is related to my work interests but is strictly my own spare-time project. Among other projects, I wrote the bulk of the code for JHOVE.
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