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Release 0.3.3: -------------- - Fix incomplete image path conversion when subfigures are used. - Fix unicode listings limitation to handle characters greater than 255. - Fix <abstract> environment to prevent from page counter reset. - Fix the <literallayout> limitations by using the same implementation than <screen>. - Fix a texlive 9 french babel and enumitem incompatibility. - Fix to be robust to URL encoded image paths, and to non-latin1 paths. - Fix missing cross-reference to <sidebar> and <qandaset>. - Fix the <sidebar> box width to the actual context witdh. - Fix a french babel bug (unexpected active chars) when used with XeTeX. - Fix Debian bug #627501 to tell the priority policy of --xsl-user option. - Fix Debian bug #632967 to return a non-null code when the compilation fails. - Fix Debian bug #629514 to have draft watermark with XeTeX backend. - Fix Debian bug #634563 to have safe pdftitle content (no images). - Fix setup.py in order to work under Windows. - Fix the HTML table support to correctly render the cells elements. - Fix the HTML table support to correctly nested tables. - Fix the Olink support to allow database user-specific renderings like italics for <i> tags. Reuse of the DocBook Project implementation. - Fix a setup failure that made the listings UTF-8 support failed (extendedchars to set to "true"). - Fix --xslt-opts to be able to pass several arguments by using quotes - Set the TexLive version to 2009 by default. - Update to new Debian Error Handler API. Improvements sponsored by Freexian (http://www.freexian.com) : - Remove hard-coded paper size and add some parameters for page layout setup: * Parameters to define page sizes and margins. * Parameters to have crop marks for pre-press PDF output. - Add the parameters literal.environment and literal.extensions to allow the user define its own listing environment. - Add the parameter latex.engine.options to be able to pass options to the TeX engine backend. - Print out warnings about the characters not handled by the selected fonts. - Image display improvements/fixes: * Avoid unexpected paragraph indentation when displaying images. * Strip spurious spaces between subfigures when @role='flow.inline' * Prevents from empty tex subcaptions when no subfigure <caption> is defined. - Add the ability to format <ulink> as a block when @type='block'. - Pass @role to the latex sidebar environment. - Add the literal.class parameter used when <literallayout> class attribute is not set. Default is 'monospaced'. - Add some @role to format literal elements, and literal.role parameter for default role: * Wrap: wrap lines when longer than text width (default) * Overflow: do not wrap lines ; long lines overflow to the left * Scale: automatically scale a listing to have its lines fit the page width The special feature can be disabled with literal.extensions=0
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