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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installing the DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (daps) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- openSUSE/SUSE: ------------- Please use the daps RPMs available from http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Documentation:Tools/ Other Distributions: -------------------- Requirements: Before you start installing DAPS, make sure the following packages/tools are installed: - convert (from the ImageMagick package) - DocBook 4 - DocBook 4 Stylesheets (usually come as a separate package) - make - xmlcatalog (usually part of a libxml2, libxml-utils, or libxml-tools package) - xmllint (usually part of a libxml2, libxml-utils, or libxml-tools package) - xsltproc (may be included in libxslt if not available as a separate package) Installation: * unpack the source tarball * cd into the newly created directory * run ./configure => Make sure you carefully check the script's summary run ./configure --help for more information on how to change installation paths * run make * run sudo make install
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