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=============== cygwin-varnish =============== INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPILED ZIP BUNDLE: The ZIP includes Varnish and Cygwin, PDCurses and PCRE DLLs. It is not needed to install previous software. 1) Download zip file from https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/windows-zip-bundle/ 2) Unzip file to instalation directory (default is: c:/varnish). Update Path in BAT files ( in bin subdirectory ) in case of changing default dir. 3) Create VCL configuration file (http://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/VCL) 4) Create varnishd-custom.bat file with custom TCP ports, VCL files and directories. There are some examples in bin directory. 5) Execute varnish with varnishd-custom.bat. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR CYGWIN CYGPORT PACKAGES: The tar.bz2 files are instaled in Cygwin with "setup.exe" cygwin application: http://www.cygwin.com/setup.exe 1) Download setup.exe in localhost 2) Install CYGWIN enviroment with "setup.exe" 3) Option one: 3.1) Select "varnish" package from package list in Web category -> package will be download from cygwin servers 4) Option two: 4.1) Download cygport varnish-*.tar.bz2 varnish package files from https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/cygport-packages/ 4.2) Execute "setup.exe", select "Install from Local Directory" and select path where *.tar.bz2 files are located. BUILD INSTRUCTIONS FROM CYGPORT PACKAGES: 1) Download cygport varnish-*-src.tar.bz2 varnish package files from https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/cygport-packages/ 2) Uncompress tar.bz2 files to /usr/src directory 3) Execute cygport commands: 3.1) cygport varnish-{version}.cygport prep 3.2) cygport varnish-{version}.cygport compile 3.3) cygport varnish-{version}.cygport install 4) Compiled binaries are copied to varnish-{version}/inst BUILD INSTRUCTIONS FROM SOURCE: If you want build varnish on cygwin from source you must: 1) Install CYGWIN environment from http://www.cygwin.com/ with the tools listed in: http://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/Installation - A recent version of GCC (3.3.x or newer should be fine, 4.2.1 or newer recommended) - A POSIX-compatible make (GNU make is fine) - Recent versions of the GNU autotools ( automake, autoconf, libtool and ncurses) - Docutils-0.7: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/ 2) Download Varnish source from: http://www.varnish-cache.org 3) Apply cygwin-varnish patch to varnish source, file: varnish-{version}.src.patch from https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/patch-files/ 4) (optional) To reduce runtime DLL dependencies with Cygwin, install following native libraries: 4.1) PDCurses: http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/ or https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/third-party-win32-sources/ - Uninstall ncurses from cygwin or remove theirs DLL - Compile PDCurses in Cygwin or Mingw (http://2cent-info.blogspot.com/2010/07/pdcurses-for-mingw32_19.html) - Modify gccwin32.mak file, adding -mno-cygwin flag in CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and LIBFLAGS for native compilation 4.2) PCRE 7.0: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/pcre.htm or https://sourceforge.net/projects/cygvarnish/files/third-party-win32-sources/ - Replace cygwin *.dll, lib*.dll.a and *.pc files with native versions 5) Compile Varnish in Cygwin with standard instructions: http://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/Installation - ./autogen.sh - ./configure --prefix=/usr , ./configure --prefix=/usr/local or ./configure --prefix= with empty prefix, if you want to get shorter Windows Paths at the end. - make - make install 6) (optional) In order to save space you can create a minimal cygwin distribution only with varnish files, GCC files, cygwin1.dll, pcre.dll and pdcurses.dll.
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